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The top secret government organization known simply as The AGENCY predates most other organizations of the United States Government, including the Secret Service. It was at a time, during the Revolutionary War, that two members of the army, Ezekial Lucart and Jebediah Wilkes, rounded up men from all walks of life. These men became spies, infiltrating inside the governments of other countries, including Great Britain. It was this group that helped America declare it's independence from Britain. They thwarted assassination attempts on members of Congress, most notably, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. Ezekial Lucart helped keep the way clear for Paul Revere as he made his now famous ride. At the end of the War, newly appointed President of the United States, George Washington, not only asked the men to continue with their mission of world peace, but agreed to keep the organization a secret, thus ensuring the safety of the brave men who were members. It was Benjamin Franklin who named the group what it is known as today, The AGENCY.

The AGENCY would again be called on to assist America fight Great Britain, during the War of 1812. At the same time, agents were stationed in France during their War of 1812. The Emperor Napolean would have succeeded in conquering most of Europe if not for the intervention of these agents.

The Civil War was a dark time for The AGENCY. Many agents refused to remain with the organization, choosing, instead to fight for what they thought they believed in. Eventually, The AGENCY called upon agents like Abigail Williams, an escaped slave, who came highly recommended by Harriet Tubman, to help in preventing attacks from abroad. (It must be noted that The AGENCY refused to spy on either the Union or the Confederacy. Chief Director Lawrence Powers insisted that both sides, although having differences of opinions, were still Americans). Williams, who was given the codename "AbbyW"  prevented a few countries from carrying out their plans on invading America during this time.

Many a mission was carried out during World War I, many hoped that the name "The War To End All Wars" would be true. Agents were helpful in ending that war.

During 1937, The AGENCY, still a secret to the majority of the world, made a decision that would do away with it's director leading a double life. Director Frederick Crawford made arrangements for aviator Amelia Earhart to become the new director of the organization, not to mention the first woman. The AGENCY assisted in Earhart to mysteriously "disappear" while she and Fred Noonan were to make a historic flight. Noonan became her assistant director.

While there were major victories that the AGENCY made, there were some disappointments, an agent was unable to return to a certain rendezvous point to warn of the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor, another failed in an assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler. However, victory during World War II was achieved.

On November 22, 1963, the first US President became the director of The AGENCY. John Fitzgerald Kennedy agreed in his "assassination", members of The AGENCY assisted in getting him out of the public eye, several posing as officials, each with different stories conflicting one another, causing one of the greatest conspiracies in the history of America. This conspiracy became a perfect cover.

August 16, 1977, Director Kennedy announced to the agents his new assistant director, Elvis Aaron Presley. In 1999, the two performed a mission, one that would cost Director Kennedy his life. A retirement home was being terrorized by a mysterious force. The two posed as residents to discover that it was an Incan mummy stealing the soles of the elderly. The two managed to defeat the creature, but not before it killed Kennedy. Elvis shortly became the new Director of the AGENCY. (It should be noted that Joe Lansdale, a former agent, wrote a short story based on this case. Don Coscarelli turned it into an independent film. There were some changes made, Kennedy claiming to be dyed black, Presley's cancer on his male anatomy, and the mummy being an Egyptian mummy being among them)

Presley, as he was called from that day on, called upon another agent, Shakur, to become his assistant director. At the popularity of The Cappers, Presley took it upon himself to make the AGENCY the official government liason for the organization. During the destruction of Sub Pop Rock City, Presley personally, and out of public eye, tried to console The Gray Zombie. However, he was unsuccessful in talking Zombie from disbanding the Cappers.

Two years after the disbandment, world leaders were being kidnapped, Presley ordered the Cappers to be reunited since evidence was pointing to an old foe of theirs. However, when Gray was kidnapped by that foe, the Cappers reunited anyway to save their friend. Fortunately, the group decided to stay together.

Today, The AGENCY continues in their attempt to protect America. And at times, the organization will call upon The Cappers to assist them. Presley, already past the prime retirement age, has made it clear that he will keep America safe, until at such time as he's too damn old to continue.


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