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What if.....The Cappers were superheroes, saving the world from super villains? What if.....The Cappers were on a space ship, exploring the universe for strange new life? What if........The Cappers were in a 70's cop show? What if.....there was a section of the Capper Chronicles where those stories were told? it is.

Crisis In Caption City I

By GlitterRock

Special Guest SuperVillain

Rowan Atkinson


Baron Vlad Miglionicco

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

(Journey to a world where the Cappers are super heroes, saving the day from evil. But a sinister new villain has taken over the Conglomeration of Evil, and the Super Cappers may be doomed)

Under The Kortac Sky

By Amon

Part One

The Cappers Don't Live Here Anymore

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

History Behind This Story: In the original Capper Chronicles, the Cappers were going up against an interdimensional race known as The Kortac. Amon was doing a series of stories dealing with "What If" the Cappers lost the war with the Kortac. A bit dark, but interesting. Here, we are representing the stories, with a few changes here and there. If you'd like to check out the original stories, some of the first year's stories are still around, here


The Gray Zombie

Defender of Demonbreun

(A Pulp Cappers Story)

Coming soon

(In the grand tradition of the pulp novels of yesteryear, we present a different take on the Capper known as The Gray Zombie. Think 'The Shadow', and you'll have the idea)