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Boys Night Out

By The Gray Zombie

Capper Crush Compound

    Sean Connery sat in the study reading a novel. He looked up to see Alan Rickman walk into the room. Rickman had a tired look on his face.

    "Why Charisma asks me to take care of that foster son of hers, I'll never know." Alan said

    "Jashon's harmlessh." Connery replied, "More like an overgrown baby."

    Alan nodded, "Yes, and when he gets a sugar rush, a bull elephant can't stop him."

    Connery chuckled. Alan sat down in the chair opposite of Connery and began to enjoy the peace and quiet. Both male crushes looked up to see Wayne Brady and Orlando Bloom walk into the room.

    "Hey," Wayne said, "Orlando and I have been talking. Since our ladies are out on missions, let's go out on the town. We could pick up Johnny Depp and a few of the others and do...I dunno, guy things. You know, like bowling, cow tipping, throwing rotten eggs at people's houses. You know, manly type stuff."

    "I'd think I'd rather babysit Voorhees, again." Alan said

    "I agree with Brady," Sean Connery said, putting down the book. "Boysh Night Out. Could get the chance to get to know each other better."

    Rickman raised an eyebrow, mulling the thought over, then slowly nodded, "Very well. GlitterDome, or would you rather go someplace different?"

    "I think someplace different." Orlando chimed in, "The GlitterDome just wouldn't be the same without our lady loves."

    "Then it's shettled." Connery said, getting out of his chair, "We'll need a vehicle."

    "No problem," Wayne said with a wicked smile, "we'll just head to the Capper garage and take one of their vehicles. Most of them are out on assignment, they won't miss their car."

Capper Garage, Shortly Later

    Johnny Depp looked over the huge garage, looking at all the vehicles that were owned by the Cappers.