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The EM Effect

Guest Written By ElKapitan

Chapter Two

Somewhere In The Rocky Mountains, USA

    LauraPowers awoke to find herself in a large room lined with metallic cylindrical tubes. She was surrounded by ski masked figures holding dart guns at her. In the back of the room, she could see JurassicPork, Shanky, and The Lurker imprisoned behind an energy field. The door at the front of the room opened, and a man wearing a plastic mask representing the face of a certain celebrity walked in.

    The man stood in front of LauraPowers, "Welcome to my Mountain Lair. As you can see, I have your friends locked up behind an ElectroMagnetic force field. The only reason you are not in there with them is because you are going to help me capture more of your Capper friends."

    "The only thing I'm going to help you with is making you wish you had put on a jockstrap this morning!" shot back LauraPowers. "Anyone wearing a bad Conan O'Brien mask is gonna get my patented crotch kick!"

    "Don't EVER mention that late night imbecile's name in my presence again. You will find out soon enough who I am. But first, you're going back to LA since that is where your Capper friends seem to be going. Here are the coordinates to my Lair."

    Laura was given a piece of paper that had the location of the Mountain Lair written on it. The masked man turned to leave the room.

    "Good," retorted Laura, "I'll bring all of my Capper friends here so we can haul you off to the looney bin!"

    "We'll see about that young lady," replied the man as he turned to one of his goons. "Tranquilize her."

Capper Jet, Over Los Angeles

    "My readings indicate that the EM Pulse has affected a 30-mile radius," said Scypha as the Capper Jet flew over LA. "Beyond that, much of southern California appears to be without power as well."

    "Perhaps we're dealing with someone who wants to live in the Dark Ages," remarked Batqueen as she tried to contact the LAPD. "It's no use ElKap. They can't communicate with us. We'll have to land on their rooftop without clearance. It looks like the landing pad is empty."

    ElKapitan softly landed the Capper Jet on the roof of the LAPD headquarters. The Cappers gathered the walkie-talkies and the box of doughnuts as they prepared to give the LA Police Chief a surprise visit. The Gray Zombie led his team of Cappers into the building to look for the Chief. Inside, it was hectic and poorly lit with candles. They were told that the Chief had just gone to his office to take a break from the chaos.

The Police Chief's Office

    The Chief stood up as the Cappers entered his office, "What a pleasant surprise. Having Cappers around will surely make this crisis a little bit easier to handle. We've been lucky so far that the people have stayed relatively calm, but that could change if they begin to panic."

    "We actually aren't going to be here very long, but we did bring as many walkie-talkies as we could for your officers to use," explained Batqueen.

    "You Cappers sure are good," said the Chief. "All of our radios and electronics went haywire after this strange buzzing noise arrived. After that we lost the ability to communicate with each other, and trying to keep law and order in this large of a city just by word of mouth is impossible."

    "Your city was attacked with an ElectroMagnetic Pulse weapon," explained Gray. "That's why we can't stay. We're on a mission to find the person responsible for this attack. We came here to offer you what little assistance we could, and to pick up another team of Cappers who were at the LA Convention Center. You haven't heard from them have you?"

    "No, I don't think we have heard from them," responded the Chief. "I'll have one of my officers take you to the Convention Center."

    As the Cappers began to leave, Tinaw placed the box of doughnuts on the Chief's desk, "We also brought these for you and your officers to snack on."

    The Chief smiled, "These doughnuts are gonna go faster than a cheetah with a jetpack strapped on its back."

Los Angeles Convention Center

    "Looks like everyone is sleeping," Tinaw said as the Cappers entered the Convention Center.

    Scypha examined a sleeping employee, "I think they've all been shot with tranquilizer darts. Something tells me Jurassic and the others aren't here."

    Batqueen found another employee who was awake, "Mr. Johnson here says that he heard a helicopter after the power went out. Then two guys wearing ski masks came in with flashlights and tranquilized anyone who got in their way. He saw them drag Jurassic and the others out of the meeting room they were in. The kidnappers must've tranquilized them and took them away in the helicopter."

    ElKapitan turned toward Gray, "You think the kidnappers are the ones who have the weapon?"

    "Is the underwear on the ceiling?" replied Gray. "Looks like our mission has just expanded to include a rescue operation. Let's get back to the Jet."

LAPD Headquarters

    A police officer greeted the Cappers on the front steps and rushed them to the Police Chief's Office. In the Chief's Office was a young woman asleep on a couch.

    "One of my officers saw a black helicopter drop her off on the roof," explained the Chief. "She appears to have been drugged, but it looks like she's starting to wake up now."

    LauraPowers sat up slowly and patted her head, "Wh... where'd you go Orlando? We were just ab- Gray... Batsy... ElKap... what are you guys doing h- grrr, he had me tranquilized!"

    "Who had you tranquilized?" asked Tinaw.

    "It was... some psycho wearing a plastic mask that looked kind of like Conan O'Brien's face... but he got mad when I mentioned Conan's name... that plastic mask really freaked me out."

    "He sounds worse than psychotic," remarked ElKapitan. "Were the others with you?"

    "I... I can't remember. I was only awake for a couple of minutes... he mentioned something about being in his Mountain Lair... he had me in this strange room with some kind of force field in the ba- OH MY GAWD, HE'S GOT JURASSIC AND SHANKY AND LURKER!"

    "We'll get them back," said Gray. "You wouldn't happen to know the location of this Mountain Lair?"

    Laura began to shake her head, "No, I only saw the inside of that one room- WAIT! He gave me this!"

    Laura handed Gray the piece of paper with the coordinates for the Mountain Lair, "This'll do."

    "You do realize this is probably a trap, right?" asked Batqueen.

    "Yes, I do realize that," responded Gray. "We'll have this guy right where he wants us... or, he'll have us right where we want him. Either way, he's going down."

To be continued...

(The Cappers head to the Rockies for a showdown with the villain.)


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