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 The Frequently Unasked Question (OR F.U.Q) Page


Unasked Question #1: "Hey, Gray, what gives? I mean, first you were writing the adventures of the Cappers saving the world from some interdimensional race, now they're doing something completely different. Why?"

Answer: First, I got writers block writing the stories. Eventually, I started back up to writing the stories, wanting to finish all thirteen stories of "Year Two", then make a really huge "Site Whoring" announcement stating that The Chronicles is back in business. However, I had given up on fighting the depression that I had for seven years, causing me NOT to back up the site onto a disc. Computer wound up getting a really nasty virus, and everything had to be wiped off and reinstalled. Also, the web provider that had become a temporary home to the Chronicles had deleted my account. So.....we're starting all over with new adventures.

Unasked Question #2: "So, all the Cappers will be featured in these new adventures?"

Answer: Well, most of them. Many of the "Old School" Cappers are hardly ever in the gallery, but their handles will continue to be used in these stories. There is one Capper who has pretty much left his Capping life, and brethren, behind. Other than an occasional mention of his name, if he becomes a regular in the new series will be up to whether or not he returns.

Unasked Question #3: "But what about the fictional Cappers, like Opus?"

Answer: I plan on having the fictional Cappers that were featured in the original Chronicles. So, yea, Opus1432 will become a regular, again. I really did like the character. However, she will be a bit different than when she first appeared. But she will call The Gray Zombie, "Uncle Gray".

Unasked Question #4: "And Edgar?"

Answer: Gray will continue to have a pet alligator, named Edgar. Also, Hobbes the Super Computer will also be appearing in the new stories, just not right away.

Unasked Question #5: "So, what's different with this new series of stories?"

Answer: I'm so glad you unasked that. This new series has the Cappers living in a huge mansion in a city known as "Anywhere". From this house, the group monitor what's going on in the world, and try to prevent evil from rearing it's ugly head. There have been some new threads started in the galleries, and they'll be featured in the new stories. For example, celebrity crushes will be supporting characters. So, yes, Eliza Dushku will be visiting her main beau at the GlitterDome. Coakley will try not to pass out in front of Estella Warren. Sean Connery and Wayne Brady are competing against each other for TinaW's heart. Charisma Carpenter will be known as Charisma Carpenter-Zombie. You get the picture. Also, Jason Voorhees will be Gray Zombie's foster son. There will also be giant robots, aliens from outer space, a super secret government agency led by a man named "Presley" (who has a love for fried banana sandwiches), and different villains for the Cappers to go up against.

Unasked Question #6: "What of the Alternate Universe section?"

Answer: The Alternate Universe (which featured stories of the Cappers outside the current continuity) will be returning. My biggest regret was losing "CyberBeast's Angels", hopefully I can do another story featuring those characters.

Unasked Question #7: "You will still be accepting stories from other Cappers, then?"

Answer: The title of the site is "The Capper Chronicles", not "The Gray Zombie and his Overblown Ego Save The World", yes, I would love to have stories from other Cappers, whether it fit into the new continuity or if it's an Alternate Universe story.

Unasked Question #8: "Will there be spin-off's of the site?"

Answer: Hopefully, yea. I do know of one Capper who wants to do a series of stories entitled "The Capper Crush Chronicles", don't know if he'll be featuring them in this universe that I'm creating, or if he'll do his own thing with it. But, any Capper who has an original fiction site, with Cappers as the main characters, could have a "Capper Chronicles Presents" logo on the site, after all any fiction site that is chronicled by a Capper, featuring Cappers, for Cappers would qualify.

Unasked Question #9: "So, is CyberBeast's 'Cap Trek' stories still the inspiration for The Chronicles?"

Answer: Yes, after all, he was the first Capper to do a fiction site featuring Cappers as the main characters (At least, as far as I know, he was). I for one am hoping that he'll do a few more adventures.

Unasked Question #10: "Ok, last thing. 'Underwear on the ceiling'. Why?"

Answer: Because they look really tacky on the floor.

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