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Der Golem


Chapter One

Vicki Nake's Condominium, Anywhere USA

    Talk show host, Vicki Nake, looked at the case which displayed the awards she had received over the years. She then walked over to the mantle over the fireplace and looked at the picture that was in the middle. It was one of her and a somewhat attractive gentleman. She then walked to the door that led to the basement and walked down.

    In the basement, mud and clay was everywhere, but in the middle of the room, was a statue of sorts that she made out of the mud and clay. She looked at her work and smiled.

    "Now," she whispered, "the Cappers will pay."

    She walked over to the workbench that picked up a scroll. Opening it up, she began chanting in Hebrew. As she did, a storm began outside. It was when the lightening struck, causing the room to flicker, that the statue of mud and clay came to life. Vicki smiled at the creature.

    "Destroy the Cappers." she commanded.

    With it's orders, Der Golem walked out of the basement and headed towards it's prey.

Anywhere High School

    "Weird storm." Milton Cavanaugh noted, "Over in a flash."

    Opus1432 smiled at her classmate. He was the typical nerd type student, but there was something about him that made him a good friend to Opus.

    "This is Anywhere, home of the Cappers. Weird stuff happens all the time." Opus said, "So, what's the science project this week?"

    Milton smiled, "We'll be studying roaches."

    Opus gave a disgusting look, "I think I'll take a zero for the week. I've had enough of roaches to last me awhile."

    "Oh yea, Sub Pop Rock City. Hey, if they still have that roach corpse that you talked about, maybe you could bring that in for extra credit."

    "Hey, I never thought of that." Opus said, "I know where they put it, too."

    "Area 69. Everyone knows about it. Nobody knows how to get to it, though. Only people that have access to it are...." Milton looked at Opus and smiled

    "I love being a Capper." Opus replied

    "Is it true that Walt Disney is in Area 69? They say he's cryogenically frozen."

    "Milton, that's classified information. I cannot divulge any of that information."

    "Oh," Milton said, "What're they going to do? Kill you? Just curious."

    "Worse." Opus said, "Uncle Gray will put me on assignment protecting the Britney Spears. Besides, Walt Disney is in a cryogenic chamber someplace else. Some deal with the US Government."