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Ladies Night

By The Gray Zombie

A Parking Garage, Cityville

    "Come on, Estella, let's go." Charisma Carpenter-Zombie called out. "Coakley will be there when we get home. You don't have to call him every five minutes. Poor guy will have a concussion from passing out so much."

    Estella Warren put down her cell phone, "I'm sorry, but he is my 'Widdle Boo Bear'."

    Eliza wrinkled her nose, "Eww."

    "Oh come on, you two don't have pet names for your Capper men?"

    Charisma laughed, "You forget, Estella, Gray and I are married. 'Hey You' is about as close to a pet name for him as I get. Ok, not really, that's a joke.....sort of."

    Estella smiled, "Ok. Let's catch up with the others. I'd like to see the fall fashions at this show."

    Charisma nodded, "Yea, you guys go on ahead, I'm going to double check the Hummer, make sure it's locked."

    As the other two ladies walked off, Charisma pulled out her cell phone, and, as soon as she knew nobody was looking, hit the speed dial.

    "Hi Gray." she said, as soon as she got an answer. "We're in Cityville. Everything's fine. What? Oh, well, I missed you and wanted to know if you.......I knew you missed me. I'm still your Dream Goddess, right? Awwww, that's so sweet, and you're my Widdle Boo Bear." Suddenly, Charisma features took a more serious tone, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'EWW'?"

Roachundach's Lair, Sub Pop Rock City

    The young roach walked up to the wheelchair of his uncle. Roachundach gleemed at his little nephew.

    "Kafka," Roachundach said, "my favorite nephew. I have an assignment for you."

    "Really, Unc?" Kafka said, "That's great, what is it?"

    "In the town of Cityville," Roachundach explained, "their museum is having a display of a rare jewel.