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Sy-Key-Atrick Evaluation

Chapter One

The AGENCY Headquarters, Washington, DC

    Presley walked into his office, he looked to see that the office was not empty. He looked at the gentleman who was sitting in the chair in front of his desk and grumbled to himself, then he addressed the visitor.

    "Can I interest you in some fried banana sandwiches, Senator?" Presley asked

    Senator Leonard Stroth held up his hand, "No thank you, Mr. Presley. I am here on official business."

    Presley sat down in his chair, of course, what else would it be. "How can the AGENCY help you?"

    Stroth opened his briefcase and handed a folder to Presley, "Correct me if I'm wrong, but President Hudson placed responsibility of The Cappers in your hands."

    Presley shook his head, "Not exactly. After that incident with Sinestra, Hudson declared that the group regain their status that they had before they disbanded."

    "So, they are above us?"

    "In a matter of speaking. The Capper Organization is that of world rescue. With the exception of a United Nations council that they answer to, Gray Zombie and his people are pretty much on their own." Presley looked through the folder, "What's this?"

    "There are several of us in the Senate," Stroth explained, "that are concerned with a rescue organization whose members are...shall we say, mentally unstable."

    Presley looked up at the Senator and raised an eyebrow.

    "For example," the Senator continued, "the Capper known as Altima_Dark has a split personality, every now and then he refers to himself as 'Dark_Nation'."

    "Actually," Presley said, "Altima and Dark Nation are two separate beings. There was some lab experiment that went wrong, causing the creation of Dark Nation, who resides in Altima Dark. Both are harmless."

    "Never the less, it is our right to know if the Cappers will become a menace to society. Therefore, we are requesting that a psychiatric evaluation be done, in order to determine if such a thing can happen."

    Presley sighed, "I see. And is this an order from The President, himself?"

    The Senator gave Presley a smile that sent a chill down the AGENCY leader's spine, "Oh yes, we made sure he signed the order. After all, this is an election year. You will handle this, I hope."

    Presley nodded.

    "Good. Have a nice day, Elvis."

    As the Senator left the office, Shakur walked in. He turned to see the Senator walking away and wrinkled his nose.

    "Don't trust white politicians." he said, "I take it this wasn't a social visit."

    "Tupac," Presley said, "contact Sigmund Freedman in Anywhere, we have a job for him. After that, I'm going to need to talk with The Gray Zombie."

    Shakur muttered an obsenity, then proceeded to do as Presley said.

The Capper House

    "I don't like this." Gray Zombie said, "I mean, this is absolute crap. How can the government do this?"

    SilentFilmStar looked at Gray, "I thought we had some form of diplomatic immunity?"

    "We do," Gray replied, "unfortunately, we are living in the United States, AND we are operating some very dangerous equipment. Senator Stroth is using the excuse that they wish to make sure that we do not attack America with the equipment."

    "What's the real reason?" she asked

    Gray shrugged, "He hates us. Always has, since he was mayor of Elsewhere. Started when Widget chose this location to build The Capper House. Stroth wanted to build a weekend getaway here. The view of Lake Hodgson is great. Then there was a bunch of other things, like how we didn't agree to support his campaign for governor. My adoption of Jason, he raised Holy Heck on that. The GARamid becoming a bigger attraction than the statue of Colonel Cyrus Stroth, Civil War Hero. Oh, and then the Princess of Keldara, at the last minute, cancelled the invitation for the Senator and wife, instead inviting GlitterRock and Eliza."

    Silent smiled, "We Cappers have all the fun. On the other hand, Presley asked for Dr. Sigmund Freedman to do the evaluation. Didn't you see him for awhile?"

    Gray nodded, "Sigmund is fair. I mean, if we're nuts, he's going to let the Senator know. But, if Stroth sent a shrink of his choosing, it would be a biased opinion."

    Reynard T Fox waked into the room, thumbing behind him, "Doctor Freedman's here, boss. Shall I break out the straight jackets, now?"

    "Nah," Gray replied, "but if you want to get ready for the electro shock therapy, be my guest."