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Time Trial

Chapter One

The Continuum Agency, Exact Location In Time And Space, Unknown

    General Wisemore walked through the control room, behind him, an agent walked, trying to keep up with the General. Wisemore was in his late sixties, but he was extremely healthy, more so than many of the other agents that worked under him. He stopped and turned to the agent.

    "You're sure of this?" The General asked

    The agent nodded, "Yes sir. All others were eliminated, but one couple left the area. Traveling to an alternate timeline."

    "I see," The General said, thoughtfully, "are they still in this alternate timeline?"

    "No sir. They're dead."

    The General started to get upset, "Then why are you carrying on like there's still danger? If they are dead, then there should be no more problems."

    The agent gulped, then, very nervously, continued, "They had a child."

    The General turned to another agent, "Get me Agent Schmidt. Now." he then turned back to the nervous agent, "Where is the child?"

The Schmidt Estate, Exact Location, Classified

    Amanda Lynn Schmidt woke from a very pleasant dream, one that involved being on a beach of what will be later known as California, in the year 55 BC. She never really used access to time cruisers to do such personal pleasures, although, providing that she never broke the Laws of Time, it would be permissible. She got out of bed and put on her robe then walked over to the mirror.

    "Perhaps a quiet vacation to California in the year 55 BC would be nice." she told the reflection, "Although, I'm sure Siegfried will be demanding to come along to make sure that I'm not in any danger."

    She smiled at her reflection, then left to take a shower, then down for breakfast, or else Siegfried would be very upset.

    Later, she walked into the dining room, Siegfried, her butler, had her place already set on the table.

    "Good morning, Siegfried," Amanda Lynn said, smiling, "Isn't this a beautiful morning?"

    Siegfried, in a very British way, replied, "If one enjoys mornings, especially Monday mornings, then, yes, I suppose that this is a beautiful morning."

    Amanda Lynn sat in her chair, then looked up at her butler, smiling, "Siegfried, why do you tolerate me and my cheerful ways?"

    Siegfried poured coffee into her cup as he replied, "Well, my father did work for your grandfather, and I worked for your father, before he retired from the Continuum Agency, asking you to take his place."

    "Ah, so you consider it a family honor?"

    "With you, madam, it's more like a family curse." Siegfried said, giving a slight smile to prove that he was joking.

    Amanda Lynn laughed, then said, "Siegfried, don't ever change. I wouldn't have you any other way."

    "Nor would I, madam, nor would I"

    The conversation was interrupted by a beeping noise. Amanda Lynn nodded to Siegfried who walked over to the wall and pushed the button. On the other side of the dining room, a large painting slowly slid up a wall, revealing a large monitor. The monitor turned on to reveal General Wisemore's image.