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The Anywhere Trilogy

Book One

Chapter One


The Nowhere Subway, First Street

    The terminal was empty. Which wasn't surprising, since at three o'clock in the a.m., it was usually silent. However, the subway continued to roll through, since, on occasion, there was a passenger or two needing to get from downtown to uptown, or to the Hodgson River to catch a late night ferry to Anywhere, Party Central to the Quint Cities (which consisted of Anywhere, Nowhere, Elsewhere, Somewhere, and Cityville). As for the subway terminal, it was empty, but then, a figure rolled down the steps into the terminal, and laid there at the bottom. The policeman was no longer in the land of the living. The person, more like persons, responsible walked down the steps and entered into the terminal.

    One of the gentlemen was short, approximately five foot five inches. He was neatly trimmed, from his neat goatee down to his spit shined shoes. His associate was around six foot three inches, and although tried to look as neat as his partner, had a few mustard stains on his jacket.

    "Well, Mr. Vent," the shorter gentleman said, "shall we go in search of our goal?"

    Mr. Vent pouted, "Why can't we handle it ourselves, Mr. Ween? After all, it's our job, doing all the killing and all."

    Mr. Ween smiled, "Ah, that is true, but you must remember, that our employer asked us to get rid of a very difficult target. Me thinks it would be to our best interest to hire outside assistance in this matter."

    Mr. Ween noticed that Mr. Vent still wasn't happy. He patted his tall associate on the back.

    "Do not fret, Mr. Vent." Ween continued, "There will be plenty of killings to be done, once our main objective is out of the way."

    "Ok." Mr. Vent replied, finally managing to smile.

    Ween and Vent walked to the edge of the subway platform and, seeing that there were no trains coming, stepped off the platform onto the track area. They walked down the tunnel area for a bit, until they came to a large grate off to the side of the tracks. Mr. Vent pulled the grate aside and the two walked into the secret hallway. Eventually, they came to a large cavern that existed deep beneath the city of Nowhere. The cavern consisted of a village of ramshackle huts and tents, people, who appeared on the streets of the city above as homeless, lived here. They noticed Ween and Vent as they walked through the village, but pretended not to notice them.