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DeadlyRinger's Revenge

Chapter One

Coakley's Quarters, The Capper House

    Coakley stood in front of the mirror, arms full of neckties. He looked at each tie, trying to decide on which one to wear. His train of thought was interrupted by his doorbell, followed by Gray Zombie, Amon, Meqal and GlitterRock walking in.

    "Coakley," Meqal asked, "weren't you standing in front of that mirror with those ties an hour ago?"

    "No," Coakley replied, nodding towards a pile of ties near a chair, "that was those ties."

    "Sweet Jesus on the Cross," Gray said, "what's your problem?"

    "I have a date." Coakley replied

    "You've had lots of dates," Gray pointed out, "big deal."

    "This is different. Tonight.....I.....I....."

    "He has a date with Estella Warren," Amon finished, "and he's going to pass out several times tonight."

    "Hey," Meqal said, "that's not fair. I'll have you know that the past few times this week, Coakley hasn't passed out once in front of her."

    GlitterRock sat on the couch and smiled, "Yea? What did they talk about?"

    "Well, she was talking about working with Tim Burton and Coakley said something like, 'uh....I...I....uh....umm.....duh...."

    Coakley dropped all the ties he was holding, "That's not fair."

    "He's right, Meqal," Amon said, "he never said 'duh'."