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What if you could live in the world where the unreal is real? What if in this world, that famous actor or actress that you've been drooling over, is in fact, your one true love? What if you were able to pilot a giant robot and fight evil giant robots, destroy most of the city, and yet not have to worry about paying for damages? What if you and your friends from the Internet were an organization formed to protect the good of the world from evil of all shapes and sizes? Welcome to that world. Welcome to the world of The Cappers.

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"Those Cappers are brilliant!!"

Welcome to the all new Capper Chronicles. Sorry, gang, no Kortac, no dimensional traveling, no little drinks with the umbrella's in them (Try over at the GlitterDome, I think DarkDynaGirl makes those things). Nope instead, you get the adventures of the Cappers saving the world, fighting giant robots, evil scientists, and network executives out to cancel every decent show there is. Ok, I may or may not be kidding about that last part, but we have a whole new series to share with you. And by "we", right now, I mean "Me" and by "You", I mean, you.

This is the new adventures of The Cappers. A group of unique individuals living under one roof, protecting the world from evil. Led by The Gray Zombie (You want to be leader? Start your own damn fiction site.), The Cappers are a force to be reckoned with. If you were a fan of the original site, I apologize for the big change, please check out the F.U.Q page to find out the reason behind it. I hope that everyone, Cappers and non-Cappers, enjoy this new site. I like to consider the Chronicles as "The Sci Fi series that never was", hence the going with "Season One" instead of "Year One". Also, each season will consist of approximately 13 stories (or "episodes", if you prefer) ranging from four to six parts each, not counting any guest writers that come on board.

The Frequently Unasked Question (F.U.Q) Page

Season One

Capper Crush Chronicles

History of the Capper Chronicles Universe

Alternate Universe


Story Featured This Week

The Terror Of Roachundach: The Cappers go to the ruins of Sub Pop Rock City to find it populated by giant mutated roaches who want to enslave mankind.


Crisis In Caption City I: The Flagship title to the Cappers Alternate Universe section. Re-Presenting GlitterRock's story of Baron Vlad Miglionicco and his quest to destroy the Cappers once and for all.

Under The Kortac Sky: Was originally presented in the old Chronicles site, we're bringing it to you, again. The Cappers face a dark time in their lives as they are faced with an Interdimensional race known as The Kortac who have taken over the Earth.


New stories coming soon.


New section providing a bit of background on the world that The Cappers live in. First up, The AGENCY.

Still To Come

The Zombie Clan heads to the future to save Opus1432. The Cappers have to keep Charisma Carpenter-Zombie out of harms way as she begins shooting in a feature film based on the comic book character, Ultra-Lady. An old nemesis returns to annoy the Cappers. Doctor Nuts makes an appearance. The Cappers contend with the menace of Der Golem. The Capper Crush Section brings us two one shot stories, one featuring the male crushes, the other female crushes. Plus more stories from Prez, Amon, GlitterRock, and new Capper Chronicler, ElKapitan. Oh, and The Gray Zombie, of course.....

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