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The Cappers Don't Live Here Anymore

By Amon

Part Two

Capper Central. June 16, 2005

    "And it's not good news. There is going to be serious trouble if what I've just heard is true," Gray said, taking a faltered step into the control room, and fell to the hard floor.

    "Gray!" CaveDweller and RIZZZ shouted in unison, jumping out of their seats to rush over to their fallen friend. They reached down and grabbed him under the arms and lifted him to his feet, then helped him over to a seat at the table. "Someone get him a glass of water."

    "Are you all right?" medusaD asked her friend.

    "Yeah, yeah. Just give me a second." He took a drink of water, and leaned back in his seat. The color had started to return to his face. "OK," he finally said. "As you all know, I am a member of The Council of Chaos and Order. The defacto leader, so to speak." He waited a second as the others whispered amongst themselves, realizing the importance of that particular Council. "I just got a visit from The Angel, our messenger. She, too, was not in the best of shape. It turns out the Kortac have found out about The Council. They destroyed The White. They're all dead."

    "Excuse me?" BuckFifty asked. "Did you just say that The Council of Chaos and Order has been dissolved, for lack of a better word?" He sat back in his chair. "This is not good. Not good at all."

    "Not only that, so have the Shadow Boxers. It turns out that they are from the same original dimension as the Kortac, and shared their home planet with them. They were the ying to the Kortac's yang, so to speak. Checks and balances. Neither of them got too powerful, because the other was there to even out the balance. But once the Kortac found the dimensional rift that allowed them to travel between dimensions, they made it a point to get rid of the Shadow Boxers."

    "How do you know all this?" animebabe asked, her composure regained.

    "Like all bad guys, they revealed all this to The Council before destroying them. They didn't know that The Angel was in the room at the time, and by the time they realized it, she had already escaped. They tracked her, but she managed to lose them, and made her way here. And with The White gone, there is nothing to balance out The Black, so dark forces have a free reign."

    "That means that we are going to have to step up recruitment and training," Tolstoy said. "I'll need a list from each of you of Cappers to recruit. As many as you can come up with."

    "We're also gonna need to send people to infiltrate into their headquarters, to find out more about their plans."

    "You're right, CaveDweller. Any suggestions?" Tolstoy asked.

    "I have a couple. keogh, for sure. And possibly The Enigma and Amon. There's something abot The Enigma I can't put my finger on, but I think he would be a good spy. Amon is a master of disguise, so he might also make a good one to get to try infiltrating their headquarters."
"All right," Tolstoy said. "I'll send 144b out to get these Cappers here ASAP." He sat down at the head of the table. "Now, my friends, we have some other serious matters to discuss."

Meanwhile, in The Council of Chaos and Order

    Martac stood triumphantly in front of The Black, his arms upraised. "Now, my friends, there is nothing to prevent your dark forces. Go forth and wreak havoc on the world!" He then let out a sinister laugh, that sent chills down the backs of The Black standing before him.

    The Black stood there, in shock of seeing their brethren slain before them. "You have done a great disservice to the Earth," one them finally said. "You do not know what you have done."

    "Oh, on the contrary," Martac said, an evil smile playing across his green face. His black eyes stared out across the room, taking in the bloody scene before him. He turned to his fellow Kortac, and laughed. "They don't know what I've done for them, do they?" Returning his gaze to The Black, he continued. "No longer will you have to worry about whether goodness will get in your way. No longer will you need to listen to The White explain every little drawback to your ideas. You now have a free reign! You can do whatever you feel like! You're free!"

    The Black talked amongst themselves for a minute. Finally, one of them spoke. "Martac, Supreme Commander of the Kortac, we thank you for this opportunity. You are correct, we grew weary of having The White stop us. Now that they are gone, we will show the world evil like it has never seen before!"

    "Excellent! This is excellent!" Martac beamed with pride. One of his lieutenants came up to him. "Sir, we have just received an important message from headquarters. They need you back there immediately."

    "Very well. Prepare to teleport back to headquarters." He turned back to The Black. "Remember, my friends, who freed you. Martac, The Magnificent!" With that, he and the other Kortac teleported out of the council chamber.

    After the Kortac had left, The Black sat down at the council table. "It's obvious that the Kortac do not understand our purpose," one of The Black said, breaking the silence. "They think that we are the cause of evil in this world."

    "You are correct, Brother," another said. "They do not realize that we, along with The White, are here to balance out the forces of the Earth. To keep things even, so that neither gains the upper hand and throws off the balance of the Earth. If either gains a foothold, the Earth, our home, cannot survive. Ten years of survival, at the most."

    "Yes," added another. "But with The White gone, the dark forces will have nothing to counter them. And that means that we cannot help the Cappers fight this battle. The Earth will fall to the Kortac. It cannot be helped. We must prepare, my friends, for the evil times ahead. We have much to think about, and a very important task to perform."

    The others nodded their heads solemnly in agreement.

Washington, D.C. The Oval Office

    "Mr. President!" An office page gasped, rushing into the Oval Office. "The... the..."

    The President of the United States, one of the two super-powers, stood up from behind her desk. "Compose yourself. Take a breath."

    The page stopped for a second, regaining his breath. "Sir, an urgent message from the Security Council," he said, handing the envelope to the President.

    "Thank you, you may leave," she told the page. Taking a deep breath, she leaned back in her chair. It can't be she thought to herself, after carefully reading the short message. They know better than that. They know that we won't sit by idly and do nothing about this. She jumped out of seat, and rushed out of the office. On the way by her secretary, she shouted, "Call my staff together! Security Council Chambers, top priority!" She then disappeared out into the hallway, on her way to the Security Councils Chamber.

    When she arrived, the military heads were already seated around the large table, discussing the matter. They stood up and saluted as she entered the room.

    "Sir," the Naval Commander said. "Why would they suddenly do this? There is no reason for it."

    "Admiral," the Marine Commander spoke up, "you know as well as I do that China doesn't like having a democracy that close to their borders. It was only a matter of time before they and North Korea tried to get rid of South Korea. I'm surprised that it took them this long. Quick, decisive action must be taken."

    "He's right, sir," the Army Commander said. "If they think that they can get away with this, who's next? The Philippines? India? Us?"

    "Yes, you're right. As soon as my staff shows up, we will write up declarations of war against China and North Korea."

Elsewhere in the world

    The Israeli's had finally had enough. They were the superior military force in the region, and they were going to show it. The Palestinians were the first to be wiped out. Then Lebanon. They then turned their eyes to Syria, another thorn in their side for a long time. With that, the remaining Arab states declared war on Israel, and the long dreaded Middle Eastern War broke out.


    South Africa, seeing that Israel had started attacking it's neighbors, decided that this would be a good time to start to exercise it's own expansion. They first took Botswana, then turned toward Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Finally, they would break out of this peninsula and govern the lands they felt were rightfully theirs.


    Spain, too, saw this as an opportunity to regain the glory of it's past. After conquering Portugal in a long, costly war, they turned their eyes to the east, toward France. After France gave up without a fight, they expanded their territory into Belgium, the Netherlands, and finally Germany, before being met by the Italians and the Austrians. While this was going on, Poland took the opportunity to take over it's neighbors, then turned their eyes toward Russia.

Back at Capper Central.

    "Tolstoy," Hobbes said, interrupting him and the Capper Leaders. "Important information. Hostilities have broken out all over the world. Countries are invading their neighbors, and it looks like World War III has finally broken out."

    "It's the fact that The White are no longer here to counteract dark ambitions," Gray said, leaning back in his chair. "It was inevitable."

    "So the Kortac don't have to bother destroying us," BuckFifty said. "We are going to destroy ourselves for them."


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