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The Terror Of Roachundach

Chapter One

Highway F12, 150 Miles From Anywhere, USA

    The Hummer traveled down the stretch of highway. Inside were Amon, Animebabe, MSTieLyn, elKapitan, and Opus1432.

    "There they are." Animebabe said, pointing ahead, "Highway patrol."

    From behind the wheel, Amon nodded, "Whatever the problem is, it can't be good if they are going to call us first."

    The Hummer pulled up alongside the highway patrol cars, and the Cappers got out. One of the highway patrolmen walked up to Amon.

    "You the Cappers?" he asked

    "That's what it says on the side of the Hummer." Amon replied, pointing the the words on the side of the Hummer, CAPPER'S HUMMER. "What's the problem?"

    The patrolman motioned for the Cappers to follow him and he began explaining, "School bus from Springwood was heading to Anywhere to the cheerleader competition. About two hours ago, we got a phone call from one of the girls on the bus. She said that they were under attack, but we were disconnected before we could find out anymore information. We came out to investigate and found.......that."

    The Cappers looked at where the patrolman was pointing. About 200 yards away, in the middle of an empty field, the school bus was nose first in the ground.

    "Well," elKapitan said, "there's something you don't see everyday......unless you're a Capper. Then you see all kinds of strange things. Like undead serial killers wearing hockey masks watching teletubbies, floating islands, teenage girls falling from the sky."

    "Gee," Opus said, "most men would consider that a gift from the gods."

    "Let's go investigate." Animebabe said

The School Bus

    "So," MSTieLyn said, looking at the school bus, "what would cause the bus to do this."

    "It was dropped," Opus said, looking at the area around the bus. "Check out the impact. My guess is, it was dropped from the equivalent of the top of the GARamid to....say the general area that Subbasement 8."

    ElKapitan let out a low whistle, "That's a drop. So, something picked it up, emptied the school bus of the cheerleaders, carried it over this area and dropped it."

    Opus shrugged, "Mind you, I'm still in high school, and I'm having problems in Calculus, but, that would be my guess."

    "I'd say, it's a good one," Animebabe added, "now we just need to ask the question, 'What in the name of the Screengrab Walken did this?'"

    Opus walked a ways from the bus as the rest of the team investigated the bus. Shortly, she came to a ditch and looked in it. Her eyes widened as she saw what was laying in the ditch. She turned and called to the others.

    "Hey," she said, "I know that I'm only here due to an after school activity to help get my credits so I could go to Anywhere University, but do you think something like THIS could pick up the school bus."

    The Cappers walked over to where Opus was and looked in the ditch. What was in the ditch was approximately six foot seven inches in length. It had six appendages and wings. The creature was apparently dead.

    "That," Amon said, "is one big cockroach."

The Capper House, Capper Control Center

    GlitterRock shook his head as he heard the communication from Amon, "That's great. Gray goes to Washington, DC and we're dealing with giant cockroaches that have a fixation on cheerleaders. Any idea on where these things are coming from?"

    "Afraid MSTieLyn has an idea" Amon replied, "but I'm afraid you're not going to like it. I know Gray won't. Do you know what is ninety eight miles north east of where this incident happened?"

    GlitterRock looked over at NeoKnight, who was checking MapQuest. Neo motioned for Glitter to look. Glitter walked over to the console and looked.

    Glitter slowly shook his head, "Sub Pop Rock City. Gray is definitely not going to like it. I'm sending a crew to pick up the dead roach. You guys head on towards the city, Fuquad and Artanas will meet you there."

    "Right, Amon out."

    As the communicator clicked off, NeoKnight looked over at Glitter.

    "Giant cockroaches," Neo said, "and here I thought nothing interesting was going to happen after the Cappers reunited."

The Outskirts of Sub Pop Rock City, Sometime Later

    The Capper Shuttle landed next to the Hummer. Animebabe waved as Fuquad and Artanas came out of the shuttle.

    "Daleman's already picked up the dead roach," Artanas said, "he'll let us know anything after he and the others study it."

    Fuquad pushed a button on the shuttle and a section of it slid open, revealing several hi-tech weapons. He motioned for the others to take their pick.

    "Anyone did a radiation reading?" he asked looking at the sign that said, "Danger. High Radiation Level. Keep Out"

    MSTieLyn nodded, "First thing after we got here. And guess what we found?"

    "Wait," Artanas said, holding up his hand, "Let me guess. Nothing. No trace of radiation, whatsoever?"

    "Give that man fifty silver dollars." Opus replied.

    "It's been two years." Fuquad said, "Maybe the radiation dispersed."

    Opus shook her head, "Even so, there should be some trace of the radiation. I wouldn't count this city open for business anytime soon."

    "It's highly unusual for the place to be bone dry." Animebabe said, "No trace of radiation anywhere. It's like something soaked it all up."

    "At any rate," Amon said, "we need to find those missing cheerleaders."

    The Cappers armed themselves and then began to head into the ruins of the once great city.

An Underground Lair, Deep Beneath Sub Pop Rock City

    The roaches worked feverishly on the machine. It was evident that the radiation had caused the mutation. It had sped up their evolutionary process immensely. Now, they were transformed from mere pests, to human sized, intelligent pests.

    "Sir," one of the roaches called out, approaching their leader, "our scouts have reported a group of humans entering into the city."

    The leader, a roach with only it's two upper arms and sitting in a wheelchair, rolled forward, "So now the humans wish to reenter the city that they had destroyed? What fools."

    "According to the information that we've been gathering on the outside world, these humans are known as 'Cappers'."

    "Ahhhhhhhh, Cappers. Most excellent. Once they have reached the center of the city, capture them and bring them to me."

    "Yes, Lord Roachundach"

To Be Continued

(The gang continues their search in the city, and come face to face with the new menace)


Table of Contents

Part Two