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The Terror Of Roachundach

Chapter Two

Capper House, Anywhere USA

    Mystic Cobra walked into the control room, finding Glitter sitting at the console. Mystic sat in the chair next to him.

    "Back in the day," he told Glitter, "Gray would send me out on adventures involving some would be world conqueror from enslaving mankind. I mean, those guys you see in the comic books. Like Ultra-Lady's arch nemesis, Chara Mackele Galla. So, what assignment does he send me on this week? Stopping a hostile takeover between two cookie companies."

    Glitter smiled, "But we were told....."

    "Yes," Mystic continued, "the evil company wasn't making cookies, but making weapons of mass destruction. Great hiding place, cookie factories, but going up against evil Keebler Elves is somewhat below me. Let's face it, Glitter, it's not like the old days. By the way, where's Animebabe, she owes me five bucks from the baseball game last night."

    "Sub Pop Rock City." Glitter replied, "Bus load of cheerleaders turned up missing."

    "Ah ha." Mystic said, holding up a finger, "You see? And who do we think took the cheerleaders?"

    "Giant mutated roaches." Glitter looked at Mystic, "Sounds better than evil elves, don't it?"

    Mystic shrugged, "At least, I got some free cookies."

    Glitter turned to see Loodvig walk into the room, "What's up, Lood?"

    "Roach carcass just came in." Loodvig replied, "DoktorD, Nurse Noir, and Dr Tom Servo are all performing the autopsy. We can go to the observation theater and watch, if we want."

    Mystic looked at Glitter and sang, "Mystery Observation Theater 3000...twang"

    Glitter smiled, then looked at Loodvig, "You guys go ahead. I'm going to wait and see what Anime and the others find inside the city.

Sub Pop Rock City

    "A what?" Amon asked

    "A 'Phaber'." ElKapitan replied, "Combination Light Sabre and Phaser."

    "Which would lead to a combination lawsuit from Paramount and Lucasfilm." Opus added

    "Yea.....well, I was hoping the Capper Immunity would be in effect for that," ElKap said, "anyway, it's almost done. Wish it was done now, if there are giant cockroaches around....."

    "Ah, we'll just get a big can of raid." Artanas said, waving his hand at ElKap. "They may be big, but I bet that Jack Palance craps bigger than any of them."

    "There's a name that hasn't been mentioned in the Capper House for awhile." Animebabe said to Amon

    Amon nodded, not really paying attention. The ruins of Sub Pop Rock City was very eerie, he thought. Everyone was keeping their minds off the eeriness by being the Cappers that they were. Amon looked over at a pile of rubble, noticing the remains of a teddy bear nearby. Amon closed his eyes, trying not to think about the deaths, then continued to walk.

    "Ok," he said, "will everyone please keep talking. This place is wigging me out."

    "You're not the only one," Fuquad said, "so, anyone for a sing along?"

    "'Drop Kick Me, Jesus, Through The Goal Post Of Life'" MSTieLyn suggested, "I'm feeling very spiritual today."

    "No singalong." Animebabe said, "I've heard Artanas sing."

    Artanas stuck his tongue at Animebabe. Opus walked ahead of the group, looking at the remains of the city hall. Then turned to Amon.

    "In the alternate timeline that I came from," she said, "Sub Pop Rock City had a subway system. There was also an area, there, that was an underground mall. Roaches like dark places. Always hiding under the refrigerators and all....."

    Amon nodded at Opus' suggestion, "Yea, it was all there two years ago. Seems like the best place to start. Head back to the Hummer and wait for GlitterRock to call."

    Opus looked at Amon, open mouthed, then frowned at him, "You want me to stay there where it's safe and I won't get hurt, don't you? I can handle myself."

    "I know, Opie, but you have to remember one thing, legally, you shouldn't be carrying weapons. Gray was pretty adamant about you being safe. At least, until you're 18, then you can get yourself killed anytime you want."

    "Amon's right, Opus," Animebabe said, "besides, with you at the Hummer, the cavalry won't be too far away."

    Opus sighed, then began heading towards the city limit, "Fine, you guys go find the giant cockroaches, have a gun fight, come close to getting yourself killed. Have all the fun, see if I care."

    "I think someone should keep her company," Artanas said, "I think I'll...."

    He was cut short by Animebabe grabbing him by the collar and pulling him along with the rest of them, as they headed towards the entrance to the subway system.

The Subway

    The Cappers looked around the empty station, lights on their weapons illuminating the way for them. Fuquad shown the light down the tunnel. He looked at his comrades and gave a shrug.

    "Might as well head towards the underground mall." Amon said.

    The group all jumped down onto the tracks of the subway and began to walk down the corridor. After walking fifteen feet, the ground underneath them caved in, and the Cappers fell down into a deep hole. The subway tunnel echoed one word, a word shouted by Artanas.


The City Limit

    Opus walked out of the city, mumbling to herself.

    "ohnoletsnotletopushaveanyfun." she muttered, "shesjustakidand....."

    Opus stopped and looked around. The Cappers vehicles were not around.

    "Where's the Hummer?" she asked, out loud

    As if in response, the Hummer dropped from out of nowhere, landing on it's back. Opus looked at the vehicle, then slowly looked up.

    "Well," she said, "there's something you don't see everyday."

    Hovering thirty feet above her, were several giant flying roaches. Opus pulled up her weapon and fired at the swarm. The roaches, Opus quickly found out, had weapons of their own, and fired back. Opus turned and ran, hoping to find a safe place from the flying roaches. Unfortunately, the roaches also had some ground troops as well. A manhole cover flew up out of the street and several roaches started crawling out of the sewer. Opus tried avoiding being caught, but shortly found herself surrounded by giant roaches, all of whom had their weapons raised at her.

    "So," Opus managed to say, "any of you guys know how to madison?"

    The roaches slowly closed in on her.

Deep Beneath The City

    The Cappers were shackled together, being led by giant roaches down a long hallway. Inside the walls, a strange light luminated. Amon looked around, hoping to find a way of escape, but, so far, it looked hopeless. Soon, the Cappers came to a huge chamber. Giant roaches were in the chamber, all looking at the Cappers. On a platform on the other side of where the Cappers stood, a roach, with only two upper arms, rolled into view in it's wheelchair. The Cappers were surprised when the roach started to speak.

    "Greetings," it said, "welcome to your new home. And to your new life as servants to Roachkind. I am Roachundach, but you can call me 'Master'."

To Be Continued

(The Cappers new enemy shows what he has in store for the Human Race. Opus finds the cheerleaders. GlitterRock debates on whether to let Gray know about the crisis at hand.)


Table Of Contents

Part One