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Table of Contents

Cappers Reunited

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

(Two years after The Cappers disbanded, an evil genius hatches a diabolical plot to dominate the world. Can the AGENCY get the Cappers together to save the day?)

Future This.....Again!

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

(Meet Opus1432, a Capper from the year 2045. But has she traveled to 2004 to help the Cappers, or to destroy them?)

Terror Of Roachundach

Part One, Part Two

(The Cappers discover a deadly new enemy living in the ruins of Sub Pop Rock City. Really BIG Roaches.)

The EM Effect

by ElKapitan

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

(A small team of Cappers is on a special assignment in Los Angeles when a new enemy arises, and the future of capping hangs in the balance.)

Sy-key-atrick Evaluation

Coming Soon

(Dr. Sigmund Freedman, Psychiatrist, comes to the Capper House to evaluate the mental stability of The Cappers. And what is to happen if he finds them mentally unfit to protect the world?)

Time Trial

Coming Soon

(The Continuum, an agency from the future that patrols the space/time continuum, sends an agent to capture Opus. And Charisma Carpenter-Zombie is not pleased when she finds out who the agent is)

Ultra-Lady: The Movie

Coming Soon

(Someone is out to sabotage the production of "Ultra-Lady", based on the extremely popular comic book. The Cappers investigate, since Charisma Carpenter-Zombie is playing the lead character in the movie and she becomes a target.)

DeadlyRinger's Revenge

Coming Soon

(Coakley finally gets his big date with Estella Warren, but it's rudely interrupted as the Capper's arch-nemesis, DeadlyRinger, returns with a plan to eliminate all celebrity loves of the Cappers)

Fowl Play

Coming Soon

(Planet Earth becomes a target by a new alien menace. An evil known as.....Duck Vader)

The Triumph Of Doctor Nuts

Coming Soon

(A mysterious wanderer appears in the Capper House. The question is, is he a friend, or a foe?)

Der Golem

Coming Soon

(A strange creature is stomping it's way through Anywhere with one thing in mind. Destroy the Cappers)

Dialect This

Coming Soon

(Members of the Capper House are suddenly talking very strange. Gray and MeQal investigate, because they're getting a headache trying to understand everyone)

Babysitting Blues

Coming Soon

(Opus finds herself the authority figure as the rest of the Cappers have mysteriously gotten younger, as in preschool young.......not that there would be a huge difference between some of them)

Crisis in Quahog

Coming Soon

(The Season One Finale: A dangerous villain has escaped from a super ultra maximum security prison. The Cappers head to Rhode Island, as the villain is heading there to kill a former member of the Cappers, who is also linked to the Griffin family. Crossover with the popular animated series, Family Guy)