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Future This......AGAIN!

Chapter One

The Capper House, 2045

    Her Capper handle was Opus1432. Since the day she was born, the Cappers had another name for her, "Trouble". Opus was one of the most mischievous Cappers around. Even the original Cappers considered her a handful. She sat in the detention room, having been mischievous one too many times. The door opened and a Capper walked into the room.

    "They're ready for you, now." Cool Ranch Micochip said

    Opus ran her fingers through her hair, light brown with a purple streak down the middle, then got up and followed Chip to the inner chamber. There several of the older Cappers sat at a table at the end of the room. Opus walked to the center of the room, and sat down in a chair that raised up from the floor.

    "Read the charges." Animebabe said, motioning to Revive.

    Revive stood up, with digital pad in hand, read the charges, "Marella Kendrickson, Capper Handle, Opus1432. Born March 26, 2029 in DoktorD Memorial Hospital, Anywhere USA. Charged with the following. Theft. Items stolen, fifteen wallets, fourteen keys, seven wedding bands, one hockey mask, fourteen vehicles, one Best Actress Academy Award, the complete DVD collection of "IMiss Of Our Dreams", and various books from the Capper Library. Arson, setting fire to the new wing of The GlitterDome. Careless and reckless behavior, endangering the lives of others....."

    "You forgot spitting in public." Opus said, heavy with sarcasm

    "That would be enough, young lady." Scypha snapped, "These charges are serious. You must understand that as a Capper, we all have a certain reputation that must be upheld."

    Opus rolled her eyes towards the ceiling, "Yea, whatever."

    Scypha threw up his hands, "I give up. Let's send her to the detention center in Elsewhere."

    "No." The Gray Zombie said, walking into the room. "That would accomplish nothing. As I recall, Scypha, you wrote slanderous remarks on the side of the White House back in 2001."

    "Gray," Animebabe said, "she is uncontrollable. We have tried to respect her parents wishes and raise her."

    "You're not my parents." Opus said

    The Gray Zombie slowly walked over to Opus and looked down at her. Opus looked down, ashamed.

    "We are all that you have." Gray sternly said.

    "I'm sorry, Uncle Gray." Opus whispered.

    "I'm afraid that it is not good enough, Opie." Gray said, he then turned towards the other Capper Elders. "Other than the living quarters of the Capper House, access will be denied. She is being placed on KP duty. She will pay for all damages done, return all stolen items, and earn the respect that she feels that she deserves."

    Animebabe looked at the other elders, then over to Gray, "And that is all?"

    "Oh, yea, almost forgot," Gray replied, "she can't go with the others to DisneyWorld Mars."

    "Uncle Gray," Opus complained

    "Too late." Gray said, "That's the punishment, and you have to deal with it."

    As Opus slowly walked out of the room, Gray sat down in the chair and looked at the elders.

    "I'm getting way too old for this crap." he said

Capper Youth Dormitory, Commons Area

    Opus sat on the bench, reading. The other Capper youths were all sitting together, talking, laughing, playing games and having a great time. Opus always felt that she never fit in with the others, and so, hardly ever joined them. As she continued reading, CyberServo came over and sat next to her.

    "Grandpa just told me what happened." he said, "You've got to learn to control yourself. They're starting to call you a menace to Capper Society."

    Opus ignored Servo, continuing to reading her book.

    "Fortunately," Servo continued, "The Gray Zombie stepped in and saved you. Do you ever wonder why he does that?"

    Opus looked at Servo, "Why are you bothering me?"

    Servo held up his hands, "Hey, I'm not trying to start trouble. Just wanted to be a friend."

    "Well, I don't need you." Opus replied, "So, just leave."

    Servo got up from the bench, and walked off, giving up on trying to be friendly. Opus continued to read the book.

The Capper Conference Room

    Inside the conference room, The Gray Zombie sat at the table looking at the current leader of the Cappers, Nyssa24.

    "I will never understand this," she told him. "Opus is a major problem. She's been one since...."

    "Her parents died." Gray said. "And there is no other family. Just us."

    "So," Nyssa24 asked, "why are you always standing up for her?"

    Gray shrugged, "I like tough cases. I managed to rehabilitate Jason years ago. Now look at him, member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Very proud of him. Opus can be tamed. She just needs a reason to start believing in herself. I have a feeling that she will be extremely important to the future of the Cappers."

    Nyssa24 sighed, "I don't know, Uncle Gray. I don't think I was ever this bad when I was called 'The Disco Baby'."

    Gray chuckled, "Not every Capper child can be a perfect angel like you and Nikki."

Capper Youth Dormitory, Girls Wing, Midnight

    Opus slowly crept out of bed, fully clothed. She then pulled the suitcase from under the bed and crept out of the room. She walked down to the hallway, and to the elevator. Getting into the elevator, she pushed the button of the ground floor. However, as she pushed the button, sparks began flying out. The lights in the elevator dimmed, and Opus felt the elevator heave, then drop.

    "OH WHY DIDN'T I JUST STAY IN BED?" Opus asked out loud as she fell up towards the ceiling.

Main Control Room

    Nyssa24 walked into the control room. The Cappers on duty were busy putting out the fire that had started on the control console.

    "Sweet Jeemanilly," Nyssa said, "the heck happened?"

    One of the Cappers turned to her, "There was some huge power surge. Then.....kablooey."

    Nyssa walked over to the console to see if it was still partly operational. "Where did the power surge originate?"

    "Subbasement 5." Another Capper replied, "Only person down there was Chronos69. He had been working on some experiment to...."

    "Suspend time and space around a certain area." Nyssa replied, "Yes, I remember. He wanted to use it to keep criminals in some form of suspended animation. Is he ok?"

    "Not sure." the Capper replied, checking a section of the console that was still operational. "One of the elevators fell down the shaft into that area. Not sure if anyone was on board."

    "Find out. See if you can find Chronos, too."

Subbasement 5

    Opus crawled out of the elevator wreckage. Fortunately, she had been trained in all sorts of dangerous situations, and managed to escape unharmed.

    "God, my head hurts."

    Almost unharmed.

    Opus looked around, "Subbasement 5. I hope someone's on duty down here."

    Opus got up and walked down the hallway. She rubbed the back of her neck, feeling a slight static shock going up. She then looked ahead, and saw a green glow.

    "What?" Opus asked, "Did the freakin' Green Lantern Corps come to investigate?"

    Suddenly Opus felt a tug. She realized that she was being pulled towards the green glow. Opus called out for help, but nobody answered. She was then yanked hard and headed towards the glow. As she went into the glowing area, the glow, and Opus disappeared.

To Be Continued

(In 2004, Opus runs into the present day Cappers. Evil also starts to strike.....such is the luck of The Cappers)


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Chapter Three  

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