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Future This......AGAIN!

Chapter Three


The Capper Conference Room

    There were a few Cappers in the conference room. Some were out in different parts of the world, spreading the anti-evil campaign that Cappers were good at. Others....just didn't need to be in the conference room at the time. Xigeous was standing up, talking.

    "I can't take Vicki Nake off the air." he said, "I mean, despite the fact that she's claiming 'Freedom Of Speech' and 'Freedom of Press' to me when I try to talk to her about keeping it down about us, she's also a real ratings winner."

    The Lurker blew a raspberry. Gray rapped the table with his knuckles and shook his head at her.

    "I think," Gray said, addressing Xigeous, "that Little Miss Vicki is the least of our worries. Besides, according to the last Newsweek poll, the American public is proud to have us back doing what we do best."

    "She won't give up," Xigeous pointed out "She'll keep trying to put us out of business."

    "She wants to bite, I'll bite back....harder." Gray motioned Xigeous to take his seat, he then looked over at Helen Servo, "Ok, Little Mama, what have you got for us."

    Helen shrugged, "Not a lot. As you know, time travel is a scientific impossibility......"

    "Not quite," Gray interrupted, "I happen to know someone, not Opus, who does time traveling."

    "I know, let's just say that at the present time, time traveling is a scientific impossibility. According to this future Capper, she wound up in Subbasement 5. That's where we usually do some of our more important and secretive experiments."

    "Like YingYang's Nuclear Powered Love Doll." Amon pointed out

    Gray nodded, then wrinkled his brow, "Whatever happened to that thing?"

    Nyssa looked up, "She met up with my Nuclear Powered Dominatrix Doll and they left town together. Heard they set up shop in Amsterdam."

    "Gray," Helen said, "can I continue?"

    "I reckon." Gray said, "Although, I'm a little concerned about two nuclear powered robots being out in civilian territory."

    "My theory," Helen continued, "is that someone, a Capper in 2045, was working on a time traveling experiment. Opus somehow got caught up in that, and wound up here."

    Nyssa23 walked up to Gray, laying a printout on the table, "Unusual storm happened back in 1979. Witnesses claimed to have seen lightening striking in different places, and a green glow. Right here in Anywhere."

    The Cappers all started talking amongst themselves at this. Except Xigeous, who kept talking about wanting to sack Vicki Nake, but couldn't. Gray pushed a button on the table and a SoundGarden song started playing. Promptly, all the Cappers became quiet, and Gray turned the music off.

    "I'm glad he forgot those cd's." Gray said, then looked at Nyssa, "Any reports of a body falling out of the green glow?"

    Nyssa shook her head, "Afraid not, and remember this was even before The Best Brain Trust was protecting humanity."

    Gray sighed, "Never gets easy for us, does it."

    "I'm still doing some research on whether more occurrences have been happening over the years, I'm also checking the Anywhere census. Seeing if anyone new came to town around that time." Nyssa continued, "Not sure on when that information will be coming to us."

    "Ok," Gray said, "in the meantime, I want everyone to leave Opus alone regarding their future."

    Lurker pouted, "You're no fun."

    "Yea," Xigeous said, "I was wondering how the Anywhere Screengrabs were going to do in the future. I mean, eventually, the team has to make it to the World Series."

    "Nobody is to ask Opus about the fu...." Gray stopped and thought for a bit, "You know, it would be nice to know if the team makes it to the Wor...." he then shook his head, "Nevermind. Nobody is to bother her."

Main Hallway of The Capper House, A Short Time Later

    Opus walked down the stairs and looked around. In the living room, Generik and Cavedweller were watching the latest trailer trash on Jerry Springer. She turned towards the front door, and stopped to find an alligator blocking her way.

    "Oooooo, boy." she said

    "Edgar," Gray said, walking up behind Opus, "what are you doing? You know I told you to go play in the backyard."

    Edgar the alligator looked up at Gray, then walked down the hallway towards the backyard. Gray turned to Opus and smiled.

    "I should keep him at home, but the Cappers like having him around." he said, as he extended his hand, "Hand it over."

    Opus sighed, then reached into her pocket and handed Gray the set of keys that she had stolen. Gray looked at the keys and smiled.

    "This belongs to JAUSTRALIAS' car." he said, "If she wasn't out of town on business, she'd probably hurt ya."

    "sorry" Opus whispered.

    "Why are you running away?" Gray asked

    Opus shrugged

    "Where were you going to go?"

    Opus shrugged

    "You know what you're problem is?"

    Opus shrugged

    "You talk too damn much." Gray said with a smile, he then put his arm around Opus' shoulder "Look kid, I know that you're scared. You've also got trouble in your blood, hell, I'm sure that whatever you've done can't be any worse than what Meqal's done in the past."

    "I set fire to the GlitterDome." Opus said, "I mean, in the future, I did."

    Gray chuckled, "Possible future."

    "What do you mean?"

    This time, Gray shrugged, "Hard to explain. I was told, by a non-Capper friend who's an expert on time travel, that the future is dependent on what happens here in the present. I mean, right now. You see, you can leave this time period, go to, say, 2452, come back to the present, return to 2452, and it'll be different than when you first went there."

    "I don't understand."

    "See, I told you that it would be hard to explain. Opus, stay. We'll help you out in anyway that we can. Maybe we can find some way to get you back to 2045, if not, you're a Capper. This is your home, and we're your family. Kapeesh?"

    Opus smiled, "Kapeesh. Reminds me of when Mr. Depp visited the Capper House in 2045."

    "Damn, he's still coming here? Have the girls gotten tired of chaining him up?"

    Opus shook her head, "No, but he got used to the chains and rope. He also looooooves the attention."

    Gray smiled, "Go on, get back to DoktorD, make sure you're ok. Dinner's at six. If you get hungry before then, we've got some Good Food products in the pantry. By the way, they're looking for a Capper to be their spokesperson, you interested?"

    Opus wrinkled her nose and walked away. Gray looked over to see Helen walking towards him.

    "Out of curiosity, Gray." Helen said, "Are you going to call HER, about our little time traveler?"

    "And take the chance of Charisma finding out? I don't think so. I think we can do this without the help of the Continuum Agency."

    "You don't think SHE'll come? I mean, this is time travel that we're talking about. It's their job to keep the timeline straight."

    Gray shrugged, "I can't put my finger on it, but I keep getting this feeling that Opus was supposed to be coming here from the future. That the accident was supposed to happen."

Medical Area

    Opus walked into the room and looked around.

    "Dok?" she called out. "Must be out on the golf course."

    She walked over to the bed then turned to see an elderly gentleman coming into the room. Opus looked at him, then suddenly recognized who he was.

    "You...." she said, which was all she got out, Sid Weezul jumped out from under another bed and placed a hankerchief over her mouth and nose. Opus could smell the chemical on the cloth, and tried to fight from passing out. She kicked violently, knocking a table over, but the struggle was useless. She dropped to the ground, out like a light.

    "Pick her up, Sid," Professor Chronos said, "let's get out of here before we're spotted."

Capper Control Room

    "Someone moved into that house next door to my place." Gray said to Diva

    "Oh cool," she said, "nice people?"

    "Not sure, haven't seen them yet. Charisma was thinking of inviting them over to dinner one night. Heard Jason's been going over there a lot. God, I hope he doesn't freak them out like he did to the last people that lived there."

    There was a beep on the console, and Diva pushed a button close by.

    "Capper Control Room." she said

    "Diva," NurseNoir's voice asked, "is Gray there?"

    "Right here, Nursey," Gray replied, "What's the sitch?"

    "I'm in the med room, looks like there was a fight or something up here."

    Gray looked at Diva, then back at the console, "Where's Opus?"

    "She's gone."

To Be Continued

(Gray and the others begin their search for Opus. Professor Chronos reveals everything to Opus1432. Edgar makes another appearance. Gray's new neighbor is revealed)


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