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Future This......AGAIN!

Chapter Two

Anywhere City Hall, Anywhere USA, The Present

    In the Department Of Licenses And WhatNot's, The Gray Zombie handed the stack of forms to the clerk behind the desk.

    "Here ya go." The Gray Zombie said, with a smile, "All forms filled out. Triplicated, initialated, innoculated, and enunciated. So, does this mean that we're able to operate all our equipment within the city limits in our never ending quest to save the world."

    The clerk looked at the stack of papers, then over at Gray, "I was just kidding about having to fill out all those papers."

    "I know," Gray said with an evil smile, "but now, that means that you'll have to go through each and every one of those papers to make sure that everything's been filled out right."

    The clerk looked at the papers again, then over at Gray again, "Why don't I just go ahead and give you all the licenses that you'll be needing?"

    "That's a damn good idea. Oh, and piece of advice: Never mess with a Capper."

Outside City Hall, Shortly After

    The Gray Zombie walked out of the building, talking on his cell phone. Over head, clouds were quickly forming, as if a bad storm was coming. Gray looked up at the clouds.

    "Weird, I didn't know that there was going to be a storm today." he said, "Anyway, call up Gillis Groceries, we're going to need to stock up now that Capper House is once again filled with Cappers."

    Suddenly, lightening started flashing all around the area. Gray and the passerby's stopped and looked at the spectacle. Then from over head, a flash of green light appeared. Gray watched as a female dropped out of the green light, landing on a parked Hummer. He ran over to her and felt her pulse. The girl looked up at him.

    "Uncle Gray?" she asked, half dazed, "Can't be. You're not old."

    "Thank you." Gray replied

    The girl tried to speak more, but passed out. Gray held his phone up to his ear and continued talking.

    "Rock, have a Capper Ambulance over at City Hall. Tell DoktorD to prepare sick bay. I've got a patient for him."

The Capper House, Medical Area

    After tending to the wounds of his patient, DoktorD walked over to The Gray Zombie. Nearby, MedusaD and Animebabe were looking over the girl's personal belongings.

    "Slight concussion and a lot of bruisings." DoktorD reported, "Girl's lucky to be alive. She should be ok after some rest."

    Gray nodded, then walked over to the lady Cappers. Medusa held up a card that was part of the girls belongings.

    "Recognize this?" she asked

    Gray nodded, "Capper Identification Card. How did she get one?"

    "It's hers." D replied, then began reading the card, "Capper Name: Opus1432. Real Name: Marella Kendrickson. D.O.B-March 26, 2029......"

    "WHAT?!?!" Gray asked, "Can't be. Has to be a joke."

    Animebabe shook her head, "Afraid not, Fearless Leader. The card has your signature, and thumbprint. It's also made out of the same card stock that all the other cards are made from. It's the real deal. She's a Capper."

    "A Capper....FROM THE FUTURE" DoktorD added

    Gray sighed, then looked at Animebabe, "Find HelenServo. She's our resident expert on the theories of time travel. See if she can shed a little light on this."

    Animebabe shook her head as she left the room, "You know she's pregnant and you're having her work. Shame on you."

    "Yea, I'm evil." Gray turned to Medusa, "D, find out if an occurrence similar to this has happened any where else in the world."

    "On it." MedusaD replied as she left the room.

    Gray then turned to DoktorD, "Dok....."

    "I'll let you know when she's awake." DoktorD replied

    "Thank you." Gray said as he walked out of the room.

Downtown Anywhere

    His name was Sid Weezul. In the underworld, he was known as Sid the Weasel. If one needed any information on illegal activities, they only needed to call on Sid. His looks were pretty much what one would expect from one of Sid's type. Scrawny, messed up hair, occasionally sweaty when he got nervous. He walked down the street, looking around every now and then, hoping that he wasn't followed. He then quickly hurried into the Skum Bag Pool Hall, an establishment that for some strange reason managed to attract many a low life.

    He walked past the pool tables, all occupied with various riff raff playing pool, and to the tables in the back of the room. At one of the tables, an elderly gentleman sat. Sid sat down at the table with him.

    "You're late." the elderly gentleman stated, looking at his pocket watch

    Sid smiled, nervously, "Sorry, Professor. I thought I was being followed."

    "I see. Tell me, Weezul, why have you not been arrested yet?"

    "I was, last month. But I was set free. I was a victim of circumstances."

    The gentleman narrowed his eyes at Sid, "A victim of circumstances?"

    "Yea, the DA framed me, not knowing I was actually guilty."

    The gentleman sighed, then looked at Sid, "Tell me of the storm that happened earlier today."

    "Nothing much. Lightening striking, clouds rolling in, some girl dropping out of no where."

    "Girl?" the gentleman asked, eyes narrowing, "What girl?"

    Sid shrugged, "Don't know. From what I heard, there was this green glow and then she dropped out of thin air."

    "I see," the gentleman said, with interest, "and where is this girl now?"

    "The Capper House."

The Capper House, Later That Afternoon

    The Gray Zombie walked into the medical area and sat in a chair next to Opus' bed. Opus opened her eyes and looked at him, and then smiled.

    "So tell me," Gray asked, "are we related? In the future, I mean."

    Opus shook her head, "No. You just sort of adopted me after my parents passed away."

    "Ah. Anyone I know?"

    "Not at present."

    Gray nodded, "I see. So tell me, Opus. Why are you here?"

    Opus looked at The Gray Zombie, "Would you believe that I was sent back in time to warn the Cappers of a great danger that could threaten the future of Earth."

    Gray shook his head

    "Didn't think so. Could never lie to you." Opus sighed, "I've been a trouble maker. Done a lot of bad things. Just living dangerously, I guess. Anyway, I was trying to run away, not sure why, when there was some power surge. Wound up in one of the subbasements, and wound up getting caught up in a green glow."

    Gray nodded, "Yea, you fell out of a green glow. So, any idea what the green glow of the future was?"

    "No, not really. A lot of us younger Cappers were not allowed to go into the subbasements without an adult Capper with us. Nyssa24 always enforced that rule."

    "Nyss.....Sarah? I'll be darned. Oh, one more question, you were born in the DoktorD Memorial Hospital. Usually, something 'Memorial' means that someone's passed away."

    Opus smiled, "Dok named the hospital himself. He was still alive and kicking when I left 2045. He just wanted to do some naming before some political geek took it upon themselves to do it."

    "Yea," DoktorD said, walking by, "sounds like something I'd do."

    The conversation was cut short by Daupstart's voice coming over the PA system. "Yo, Gray. Your wife's on line seven. She sounds upset."

    DoktorD handed Gray the receiver, then walked over to the phone's base and pushed line seven.

    "Yea, Charisma," Gray said, "What's wrong?"

    After listening for a bit

    "Honey, I can't understand you. Please stop crying. Calm down. Now slowly, what's wrong."

    Gray's eyes widened.


    Gray put the phone away from his ear and looked at Opus, "She found a gray hair." Gray then put the phone back to his ear, "Sweetness, listen. It's ok. It's part of life. Everyone gets old eventually."

    Gray pulled the phone away from his ear, everyone in the med lab could hear Charisma's screaming, almost making out some of the colorful words.

    DoktorD looked at Opus, "It's a hoot watching those two in their relationship."

    Opus smiled, "You think this is something, it gets way better in 2045."

Outside The Capper House Property

    Sid and the gentleman stood outside the gates of the Capper property. Sid looked in, seeing the great house sitting on top of the hill.

    "Wow," he said, "I'd hate to be the one to wash those windows."

    The gentleman walked up to a panel to the side of the entranceway and opened it. He punched a few buttons and the gates opened.

    "Hey," Sid exclaimed, "how did you do that? We're not going in, are we?"

    "We'll hide on the property," the gentleman explained, "then later tonight, we'll go into the house and find the girl."

    "But why? I mean, why is this girl so important to you?"

    "She just is, Sid. That's all. Now come along."

    "Ok, Professor Chronos, whatever you say."

To Be Continued

(Opus starts to adjust to being in the present. Professor Chronos strikes. Edgar the Alligator makes his long awaited return)


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