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The EM Effect

Guest Written By ElKapitan

Chapter Three

Mountain Lair Control Room

    The man wearing the plastic mask was looking over the shoulder of one of his goons sitting at a Monitoring Station. The goon was nervously watching the airspace over the Rocky Mountains when he was relieved too see the Capper Jet form a blip on his screen.

    The man wearing the plastic mask clapped his hands, "So predictable, those Cappers. They've taken the bait. Let's see if they can pass Test Number 1. Charge the weapon up to quarter power and target that jet. You may fire when ready."

    Another goon at the Weapon Control Station began pushing buttons, "Aye sir."

Capper Jet, Somewhere Over Colorado

    The coordinates for the Mountain Lair had the Cappers flying toward Mount Elbert, the highest peak in the state of Colorado. The flight was going smoothly until the Capper Jet's alarm sounded.

    Tinaw checked her console, "Sensors are picking up a large ElectroMagnetic surge directly above us!"

    ElKapitan looked upward out the window to see a beam of energy bearing down on them from the sky. He was able to swerve the Capper Jet out of the path of the energy beam just in time. The Cappers heard a loud thud as The Gray Zombie was tossed from his seat.

    "I knew I should've buckled up. Hey ElKap, would you mind warning us next time?"

    "Here comes another EM surge!" shouted Tinaw.

    "How's this Gray? Taking evasive action!" exclaimed ElKapitan as he jerked the Capper Jet out of the way of a second energy beam.

    Gray was tossed to the other side of the Jet, "That's better."

    The Capper Jet alarm switched off as the danger had passed. The Cappers had just been given a small demonstration of the EMP weapon as they reached the coordinates for the Mountain Lair. They could see a plethora of satellite dishes of various sizes mounted on the sides of the mountains surrounding Mount Elbert. There was also a large satellite dish mounted on the peak of Mount Elbert. It was pointed straight up toward the sky.

    "There's a landing pad on the side of Mount Elbert," pointed out Scypha. "There's also a helicopter already sitting on the pad, but I think there's enough room for us to land next to it."

    ElKapitan was able to land the Capper Jet next to the black helicopter. The Cappers could see a door in the side of the mountain, and it opened as they got off the Jet.

    "Everybody remember where we parked," said Gray as they entered the Mountain Lair.

Mountain Lair Corridor

    The Cappers found themselves in a long hallway with several doors on either side. There was also an elevator at the end of the hall. They slowly walked down the hallway, checking each door as they passed. All of the doors were locked except for one. The Cappers entered the room to find JurassicPork, Shanky, and The Lurker imprisoned behind an ElectroMagnetic force field at the opposite end of the room.

    LauraPowers also recognized the metallic cylindrical tubes that lined the room, "This was the room I was in!"

    Suddenly, the door closed and a large steel plate came crashing down in front of the door. The Cappers found themselves trapped in the room.

    A voice echoed over a speaker sitting above the large steel plate, "Welcome Cappers. I see you have found your colleagues. You passed Test Number 1 with flying colors. Kudos to whoever was piloting your jet. Now, we shall see if you can pass Test Number 2. If you want to free your three friends, you'll have to get through an army of my goons."

    All except for one of the metallic cylindrical tubes opened. Each one contained a ski masked individual, and they jumped out to surround the Cappers. Scypha found himself isolated as six goons closed in on him.

    "Looks like it's time to break out a few moves I learned from Dance Dance Revolution!" exclaimed Scypha as he took out the six goons with a barrage of dancing kicks and punches.

    Batqueen and Tinaw found themselves surrounded by several goons. They proceeded to fight hand-to-hand with them.

    Batqueen knocked out several goons while yelling such phrases as, "POW! CRACK! THWACK! OOF! SPLAT!"

    Tinaw decked several more goons, each time saying, "Sha-ZAM!"

    "I owe someone a crotch kick!" exclaimed LauraPowers as she dropped one goon with a swift kick to the crotch area.

    ElKapitan drew his Phaber, a special weapon that he built himself. It had two different modes; Phaser Mode and Lightsaber Mode. Phaser Mode was the default mode, and he usually kept it on it's lowest phaser setting. He held the Phaber firmly in his right hand and stunned whichever goons were still standing.

    Gray simply stood back and watched his team of Cappers drop the small army of goons, "And they complained when I had them do Tae Bo."

    Before the Cappers could move to release their colleagues, they heard clapping echo over the speaker, "Well done Cappers, but this Test isn't over yet. Now you must get past a top secret bio-weapon I stole from the Umbrella Corporation. Please don't die too quickly, mwahahaha."

    The last metallic cylindrical tube opened, and a large menacing creature with sharp claws sprung out of the tube. It let out a ferocious roar.

    ElKapitan switched his Phaber onto its highest phaser setting and vaporized the steel plate along with the door, "You guys go ahead. I'll handle this."

    "Are you crazy?" asked Batqueen.

    Gray was already headed out into the corridor, "He knows what he's doing, I think. The rest of us can see where that elevator goes."

    The others left the room and ran down to the end of the hallway. They entered the elevator, which only had one button; it was to go up. Back in the room, ElKapitan pointed his Phaber at the creature and fired. The creature simply absorbed the energy, and its body became more muscular.

    ElKapitan took a step backward in shock, "Aw crap."

    Suddenly, the creature let out a mighty roar as a pair of wings sprouted from its back.

    "You really need to lay off the Red Bull," remarked ElKapitan as he switched his Phaber onto Lightsaber Mode.

    As he turned on the crystal blue lightsaber with his right hand, he motioned the creature to come toward him with his left hand, "Come get some."

    The creature snarled at him, then flapped its wings and took to the air. It flew towards ElKapitan at full speed, but he promptly stepped off to the side as the creature flew past him. He took a hack with his Phaber, slicing off the creature's right wing. It fell to the ground as it let out another ferocious roar. Now ElKapitan could see the creature's weak spot as it tried to stand back up. He quickly ran his lightsaber through the creature's external heart. Its body disintegrated as ElKapitan walked to the end of the room to release the three imprisoned Cappers.

    JurassicPork walked toward ElKapitan, "Show off."

    ElKapitan laughed, "Hey, I gotta have a little fun every now and then."

    The Lurker spotted one of the goons beginning to regain consciousness. As he started moving to lift himself off the ground, The Lurker walked over to give him a swift kick in the stomach.

    "That's for kidnapping us!"

    Shanky had a mildly confused look on his face, "I still don't get what's going on here."

    "LA was attacked with an ElectroMagnetic Pulse weapon," explained ElKapitan, "but I'm starting to think that your original mission to stop that strike has nothing to do with this. You were probably kidnapped to lure more of us here so someone could have a little fun with us. I've got a bad feeling about what that someone plans on doing with that weapon. C'mon, Gray and the others went ahead in an elevator out in the corridor. Let's give them some backup."

To be concluded...

(The villain reveals himself and his evil plot, but will the Cappers be able to stop him? Find out in the thrillng conclusion.)


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