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Capper's Reunited

Chapter One

    Nobody knew how exactly it happened. The Cappers, the one hope for all the free world, failed. It was two years ago. DeadlyRinger, the Cappers most dreaded nemesis, had in his possession, three nuclear missiles. As a team of Cappers cornered Ringer, he launched the missiles. Our heroes were only able to stop two of the missiles from doing any harm, but one hit itís target. Sub Pop Rock City, the home of the Capper known as DanZero. It was then that the Cappers days as a family had gone astray.

    DanZero accused the Cappers of being careless and that they could have saved the citizens of the destroyed city. The President called for an investigation. Every member of the Capper organization were called before a congressional committee. It was then that the Capper known as The Gray Zombie made the announcement that shocked the world. The Cappers were to be no more.

    Shortly after that, the Cappers parted ways. Some remained in contact with each other, but most of them simply left their Capper life behind them. The world became a dark place without the Cappers. Many of the free world hoped that the U.S. Government would forgive the group and Cappers would once more save the day. But as the time passed, hope began to fade.

    But then, one day, evil reared itís ugly head, and The Cappers, once again, became the worldís only hope.

The Former Capper House, Anywhere USA

    Two years, now. He thought, Two years since we broke up.

    CyberBeast, architect of the famous home, sat at the bottom of the stairs. He thought back on all the days when they would all sit around the large conference table, trying to have weekly meetings, only to have Gray Zombie riff each and every person who tried to speak.

    "A shame," he said out loud, "I know little Nikki would love to have them in her life."

    "Oh, I wouldnít worry about that," a voice from behind replied, CB turned to see his wife, HelenServo, walking down the stairs, "Iím sure that before Nikkiís born, the Cappers would be around to see her. I mean, itís not like we all hate each other."

    CyberBeast shrugged, "I dunno, during the hearing, DanZero was pretty peeved about....well, you know, and he blamed Gray. Gray took it pretty hard. Some of the others, well, I guess the dream was shattered. But, perhaps youíre right."

    HelenServo smiled, "Of course Iím right. Youíll see."

    CyberBeast smiled back at his wife, "How do you always manage to see things from a brighter perspective?"

    HelenServo kissed her husband on the cheek, "Xigeous said that it was a special gift that I had, and I shouldnít lose it. I donít plan on it, either. Now, howabout fixing me some breakfast, this mommaís a little hungry."

    CyberBeast took his wife by the hand and led her to the kitchen, "One large order of CyberBeastís Special Blueberry Pancakes, coming up."

Kevin Murphy Elementary School

    He stood approximately 6'5" tall, and yet, he was still in the third grade. He sat in the waiting room of the principalís office, silently. In his lap, a Masters Of The Universe lunchbox. On his face, a goalie hockey mask. Not many people knew what his face actually looked like. He also never spoke, but if he did then, there was only one thing he would say,

    "Foster Papa Gray going punish Jason."

The Principalís Office

    "We just donít tolerate this kind of behavior at Kevin Murphy Elementary," The Principal said, "I mean, killing the janitor isnít what would be considered proper conduct."

    From her chair, Charisma Carpenter-Zombie tried to keep a cheerful face, although it was hard when your foster son has gone on a killing spree, to look on the brighter side of things.

    "I'm really sorry, Principal Woodman." Charisma said, trying to win the gentleman over with her smile, "You must understand that Jason has led a troubled life. Back in 1957, he drowned as the camp counselors did nothing to save him. He only kills people who do bad things. You know, underage drinking, premarital sex, eating banana's on the side of the road......"

    Principal Woodman huffed, proving that Charisma's smile was not going to be of any help today, "I will admit that the janitor was a pedophile, and did many bad things, but your foster son brought a machete to school with him."

    "Oh, Principal Woodman, I must apologize for that," Charisma replied, "we've told him NOT to bring that with him to school. Besides, he's very bright, he could find other ways of killing the......." Charisma quickly stopped talking, realizing that she wasn't helping matters.

    "By the way," the Principal asked, "what happened to his real mother?"

    "Oh, her, well, she was killing camp counselors after Jason drowned, and one day back in 1980, she was beheaded by someone she was trying to kill. Jason kept the head for the longest time, but my husband told him that he had to get rid of it. It was stinking up our home."

    The Principal just looked at Charisma, unsure of what to say. Charisma tried to win him over with her smile, again.

Outside the Principal's office

    Jason got up from his seat as his foster mother walked out of the Principal's office.

    "Jason Leopold Voorhees," Charisma said, walking over to him, "I hope that you're satisfied. Luckily, I managed to talk the principal into only allowing you to be suspended for a day."

    Jason simply looked at Charisma.

    "No," Charisma replied, knowing what Jason was asking, "I'm not going to ask him to make it a week."

New York City

    Inside the limo, the Secretary General for the United Nations read through his papers for the days events. He looked up and then looked around. He never remembered coming in this direction to get to work.

    "Jerome," the Secretary General said, "This isn't the way to the U.N. Building."

    "Jerome couldn't make it in today." the driver replied, "He's sick. Actually, he's dead."

    "What?!?" The Secretary General said, in shock, "I demand that you let me out of this vehicle at once."

    "Oh," the driver replied, with a wicked smile, "you're getting out of the vehicle, all right."

    With that being said, the driver held up a small device and pressed a button on the device. The last thing that the Secretary General saw was a blinding flash.

    The people watched as the limo sped and crashed into a building. Several ran up to the car to make sure that the passengers were ok, only to find nobody in the vehicle.

The GlitterDome, Anywhere, USA

    GlitterRock sat down at the bar, yawning. He looked to see Sideman putting clean glasses on the shelf.

    "Sideman, is the coffee fresh?" he asked

    Sideman nodded, "Yea, but I didn't know that you were a big coffee drinker?"

    "I'm not," GlitterRock replied

    "HEY!" The Gray Zombie yelled, as he barged into the disco, "Who's underwear do I have to put up on the ceiling to get some fresh coffee around here?"

    GlitterRock nodded towards Gray, "It's for him."

    "What?" Gray asked as he sat next to Glitter.

    "Nothing," GlitterRock replied, "Charisma called, said you were coming over. Knew how much you liked fresh coffee, especially when you have to get up early."

    "Yea," Gray said as he nodded thanks to Sideman as the coffee was placed in front of him, "another session with the shrink."

    "Still seeing one?" Sideman asked, "Oh, wait, I didn't mean..."

    Gray shook his head, "It's ok, Side. I'm getting better. Besides, it really wasn't a psychiatric session, more like a game of rummy. Doctor Freedman likes to play cards, and he was giving me a chance to win back some money that I lost to him last week."

    "So, how did you do?"

    "I told him I get paid Friday, he'll have his winnings then." Gray then turned to GlitterRock, "Seeing as how The GlitterDome has made it onto 'Club Magazine's' top fifty hottest places in the universe, I'll skip the 'How's business' question. How are you?"

    Glitter smiled, "Been good. Eliza's in Vancouver filming something or other, said she should be finished by the end of the week. Sideman's keeping things running steady for me, so I won't have migraines trying to keep things straight."

    "DarkDynaGirl still around?"

    Glitter nodded, "She's in Jamaica with her new cabana boy." Glitter looked up as Sideman turned on the TV. "Oh, Side, not Vicki Nake."

    Gray shook his head, "No, it's ok. Enapov is on it, today. Best selling author and all."

    "Maybe," Glitter added, "but she knows that Ena was once a Capper. If I know Vicki, she'll try to bring up the event from two years ago."

KCAP Television Studios, The Vicki Nake Show

    "We're back," Vicki said, smiling into the camera, "with best selling author, Enapov. Ena, thank you for being on the show."

    Enapov smiled in return, "Thank you, Vicki, it's great to be here."

    "I've read your book, and there's something that I feel the audience should know the answer to."

    "What's that?" Enapov asked

    "How can the Cappers live with themselves after destroying an entire city?"

KCAP Television Control Room

    Xigeous, president of KCAP television, shook his head, "I should have known she was going to do that. Why doesn't she stick with her usual topics? Like 'Obese Lesbian Surrogate Mothers: Is It Fair To The Kids'"

    GersonK, Xigeous' friend and vice president of the network, smirked, "You know she's been wanting to point the accusing finger at Cappers for the past two years. Been trying to get Cappers on her show, just to see them squirm."

    "And how did Enapov get booked without us knowing about it?"

    "Vicki did that while we were in that convention in Vegas obtaining rights to 'The Adventures of DudeMan'."

    "And that show will be a hit," Xigeous said, "you watch."

    The conversation was cut short by one of the controllers, "Sirs, Vicki's going to have to be interrupted, an important news bulletin is coming in."

    "Thank God for World Crisis'." Gerson said

KCAP News Room

    The anchor straightened his toupee before realizing that he was already on the air, he then looked at the camera and smiled, a piece of spinach still between his teeth.

    "Good morning," the anchor said, "This is Stan Berban, sitting in for Doris Danderly, sitting in for Bobbi BeLusia, sitting in for Steve Janchea, sitting in for Andrea Arisola, sitting in for Bud Wiser, sitting in for Dan Lather, who's on vacation. Today in New York City, Davol D'Orobia, Secretary General to the United Nations, seemingly disappeared from his limousine, along with his driver. The driverless car crashed into Bloomingdales, fortunately no one was hurt, although a few mannequins didn't make it....."

The GlitterDome

    Sideman scratched his head, "Weird. Nothing like that has happened in years."

    Gray didn't answer. His eyes narrowed at the television, watching the scene of the empty limousine being towed away from the building.

    The three continued to listen to the newscaster.

    "This has just been handed to me," Berban said, "It appears that in other parts of the world, several world leaders have seemingly disappeared."

    "God, I hate Mondays." Gray said

The AGENCY, Main Branch, Somewhere Inside The Pentagon

    The African-American walked into the office of the AGENCY's chief director. In his hand was a CD, which contained all the information on the missing leaders. He nodded to the director, who was sitting behind his desk.

    "Ok, Shakur," Presley, the director, said, "let's have it."

    Shakur handed the CD to Presley, "Prime Minister of England, President of Russia, President of France, The Chief Dog Catcher of Italy."

    Presley stared at Shakur.

    "We think that last one was taken by mistake. One thing is certain, they've all simply vanished into thin air."

    Presley placed the CD into his CDRom drive and stared at the contents as it came onto the screen of his computer. "This ain't good. Who could be doing this?"

    Before Shakur could respond, there came a knock at the door. Shakur opened the door and two agents, one male, one female, walked into the office.

    "Sir," the male agent said, without asking permission to speak, "Roy Disney has been calling for over a month. He's demanding that we thaw out his uncle now."

    Presley shook his head, "Tell Roy that we signed the contract with Walt and he will not be thawed out until the desired time. I don't care how badly the company needs him." He then turned to the female agent, "Moldy, what can we do for you?"

    Agent Moldy nodded, then replied, "I've been researching the disappearances as Assistant Director Shakur instructed. Sir, I think I know who's behind it."

    Moldy handed Presley another CD, Presley placed the CD into the Rom and watched the screen. He then looked at Moldy, letting her know to continue.

    "There are three individuals that I know of," Moldy continued, "Rust Slander, who used a teleporting device to terrorize the all girl rock group, Snatrat, who, by the way, were also former members of The Cappers. DeadlyRinger, who used a teleporting device to wreck havoc on The Cappers. However, I think it's Sinestra, real name unknown. Kidnapping world leaders is more her MO."

    "Let me guess," Shakur guessed, "She also has gone up against The Cappers?"

    Moldy nodded, "She and Gray Zombie have been bitter enemies for years, even before Gray joined the Cappers. But, she has from time to time, gone up against one or more Cappers before they were disbanded."

    The male agent shook his head, "Impossible, Sinestra died two and a half years ago. Fell into the ocean, as I recall. The Gray Zombie pushed her out of a helicopter."

    "Before that," Presley added, "she was in a building that collapsed as she tried to escape from GlitterRock and Animebabe. Before that, shot in the head by Amon. Before that, run over with a steam roller by Meqal.....Moldy, you believe Sinestra is behind these disappearances?"

    Moldy nodded

    "Get The Gray Zombie. Now."

    "Sir," the male agent protested, "you know that the US Government will not allow the Cappers to reunite."

    Shakur smacked the agent in the back of the head, "Boy, hush. You know as well as I do that when all the really important decisions get made in this country, WE're the ones that make it." Shakur turned to Moldy, "You heard the man, get The Gray Zombie."

Agent Moldy's Desk, Shortly Later

    Moldy picked up her phone and dialed an extension. After a couple of rings, someone answered on the other end.

    "Lanzman," Moldy said, "this is Moldy. It's official, The Cappers are needed."

To Be Continued

(Moldy heads to Anywhere to convince Gray to reunite The Cappers. Sinestra makes an appearance. And a few more Cappers start to make their appearances)


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