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Capper's Reunited

Chapter Four

The Capper Transport, Somewhere Off The Eastern Seaboard

    "Can I ask a stupid question?" Dita Dupave asked

    "You just did." JoeCrow replied, as he steered the transport, "We'll let you ask another one."

    Dita smiled at Joe, then turned to CyberBeast, "This island just popped up out of thin air, right? We could be walking into a trap."

    CyberBeast nodded.

    "Oh," Dita said, "ok. So, the day the Cappers get reunited is the day that we could all be walking to our deaths. That's good."

    "I wonder..." Lurker wondered, tapping a finger on her chin.

    "Wonder what?" asked GlitterRock

    "If I untied Anthony before I left. God, I hate it when I can't remember."

    "Oh, Lurker." All the Cappers said in unison, all smiling.

Sinestra's Secret Island, Detention Area

    "If it's all the same," The British Prime Minister said, "I'd very much would like to know if we're ever going to get out of here?"

    The Russian President looked at Gray and spoke in Russian, Gray replied to him, also in Russian. The Russian President smiled.

    "You speak Russian?" President Hudson asked

    Gray nodded, "And Italian, French, German, Pig Latin, eight dead languages, and HTML. He wanted to know if I could have my wife give him an autograph. I told him, sure. She loves all her fans."

    "And how," President Hudson asked, "are we going to get to your wife?"

    Gray smiled, "Keogh."

    Suddenly the energy bubbles disappeared. The world leaders, Italy's chief dog catcher, and The Gray Zombie were free.

    "How in blazes did you do that?" The British Prime Minister asked

    "I didn't," Gray replied, pointing behind the leaders, "he did."

    Everyone turned to see another person standing next to the control panel. He wore a large hat, and trenchcoat. Nobody was able to see his facial features.

    "Keogh, l'Homme International de Myster!" The French President said, smiling.

    "Oui." Gray replied, he then turned to President Hudson, "Mr. President, may I introduce to you, Keogh, International Man of Mystery. One of the most mysterious Cappers around."

    "Mr. President." Keogh said, with a slight bow

    "How long has he been here?" President Hudson asked

    "Since I was kidnapped," Gray explained. "I had a feeling that it was Sinestra that was behind the whole thing, and that she would more than likely come after me. So, Keogh has been with me the whole time."

    "I never saw......"

    "Nobody ever does." Gray said, smiling. "You'll only see him when he wants to be seen."

    Keogh stepped over to Gray, "Managed to disengage the cloaking device. So far, Sinestra's goons haven't noticed. If you're right, the Cappers will be on their way. But if you're wrong....."

    Gray shook his head, "If I'm wrong, we'll manage. However, you know as well as I do that Charisma isn't going to let Glitter and the others sit by while I'm missing. They'll probably have sore butts from where she's kicked them, but they'll be on their way here. Now, we need to get out of here. Where are we, anyway?"

    "Floating island. Even if it gets detected, it won't be in the same place twice. Might explain how she survived that fall into the ocean two years ago."

    Gray slowly shook his head, "Bitch's got more lives than a freakin' cat. Ok, Keogh, we need to get out in the open."   

    The Mysterious Capper motioned for the others to follow him.

Sinestra's Command Center

    Sinestra walked into the command center, all goons present stood at attention. Sinestra smiled and sat down in her chair. The goons returned to their duties.

    "Now, gentlemen," Sinestra announced, "we began the next phase of my plan. Holding the world leaders for ransom, we'll have the entire world......."

    One of the goons sitting at the control monitors jumped up, "Sorry, ma'am, but there's a major problem."

    "Oh, come on. I'm trying to be evil here and you interrupt me. What's the major problem?"

    "An unidentified craft is rapidly approaching." the goon replied

    Sinestra got up from her chair and walked over to the monitor. She gasped as she saw the image of the Capper Transport heading towards the island.

    "How did they find us?" Sinestra asked. She glanced over at the control panel and then looked at the goon, "How did the cloaking device get turned off?"

    The goon looked at the control panel, then back at Sinestra, "'s..." then shrugged

    "Who is monitoring the detention area?" Sinestra asked, growing more upset.

    Nobody in the room replied

    "Just as I thought." Sinestra punched a couple of buttons on the panel, on one of the monitors the image of Izod appeared "Izod, Cappers are coming. Gray's escaped. Kill him." Sinestra then looked around the room, "As for the rest of you.....kill the Cappers."

    The goons all ran out of the room, except for the goon who had interrupted her speech.

    "Now," Sinestra said, smiling, "I'm sure there's a logical explanation as to why the cloaking device being turned off."

    The goon gave a nervous smile

    "And..." Sinestra continued, "with the college basketball finals going on, I can, to a point, understand the monitor being changed to the game instead of the detention area."

    Nervously, the goon nodded

    "But," Sinestra finished, "you interrupted me in my moment of evilness, and you didn't say, 'May I?'."

    Sinestra then shot the goon, who fell to the floor.

    "God, your strict." were the goon's last words

The Beach Of The Island

    The transport had landed on the island and the Cappers were all ready for action. Suddenly, an alarm sounded and the sound of goons could be heard.

    "Oh good." JoeCrow said, "Action."

    "All right, people," GlitterRock shouted out, "let's show them that we've got what it takes, and for God's sakes, don't get hurt."

    The goons rushed out of the jungle and the fight began.

Inside The Island

    Gray, Keogh, and the others walked down the hallway. What few guards they ran across, Gray and Keogh were able to handle them, as well as getting a few weapons. Gray stopped and listened.

    "Sounds like a laser battle." Gray said, he then cocked his head and listened again, "I think I can hear the Bimbo Eradicator 2000."

    "JoeCrow." Keogh said, smiling, at least everyone thought that he was smiling.

    "Let's go." Gray said.

    Gray led the way down the hall, unfortunately a sliding door slid down, seperating Gray from the others. Gray pounded on the door, then heard a growl behind him. He turned to see Izod walking towards him.

    "Ah crap." Gray said

Sinestra's Command Center

    Sinestra looked at the monitors, watching the fight outside. She shook her head as the Cappers easily defeated her goons.

    "Never send men to do a woman's work." Sinestra complained out loud.

The Hallway

    Izod threw Gray across the hall. Gray hit the wall, hard, and slid down.

    "God, why didn't I just stay in bed?" Gray asked out loud.

    Gray got up and tried to punch Izod. Izod grabbed Gray's arm and then swung him around like a rag doll. Izod then grabbed Gray's head with both hands and started to squeeze. Gray grimaced in pain, and tried to break free from Izod's grip. Then the sound of a door opening was heard. Izod turned towards the sound and dropped Gray, who fell to the ground. Gray slowly raised his head and looked up.

    "Jason?" he whispered

    Izod ran towards the hockey masked wearing foster son of The Gray Zombie. Jason threw a punch and made contact with Izod's face. Izod growled at Jason, blood trickling out of his mouth. Izod lunged towards Jason, but the alligator man was no match for the former Crystal Lake serial killer. Jason grabbed Izod's right arm and pulled hard. Izod screamed in pain as his arm was pulled out of socket. Jason then picked Izod up and threw him across the hall. Izod hit the sliding door and went through it. The world leaders watched as Izod tried to get up, then collapsed back down.

    Jason walked over and helped Gray up. Gray looked at Jason and could tell what Jason wanted to say.

    "Foster Papa Gray loves you, too, J." Gray said, "Let me guess, you stowed away on the transport?"

    Jason nodded

    "Charisma's gonna freak when she finds out."

    "Gray," President Hudson said, walking over to the pair, "Keogh is......"

    "Gone," Gray finished, "After awhile, you get used to it."

The Beach

    The Cappers all looked at the captured goons, all tied up. GlitterRock looked into the jungle.

    "Now it's time to find Gray." he said

    A sound of a jet was heard, and the Cappers looked up to see one flying overheard.

    "Sinestra." Glitter said

The Jet

    Sinestra laughed an evil laugh as her jet sped across the sky

    "Goodbye, Cappers." she said, "I will have my revenge."

    "I don't think so." a voice said behind her.

    Sinestra turned to see who was in the jet with her, and watched as an arm, seemingly coming from out of nowhere, reach out and hit the ejector seat button.

    "OH SH...." was all Sinestra could say before her seat shot out of the jet.

    "Boy that was fun." Keogh said as he jumped out of the jet.

The Beach

    "Moldy," Glitter called out, "mind getting one of the boats from the transport and go get Sinestra, that's probably Keogh with her."

    "How can you tell?" Moldy asked, "I can't even make out the.......yea, it's Keogh, all right."

    Glitter smiled, then turned to see the world leaders walking out of the jungle. Behind the world leaders, Jason and Gray were behind them.

    "GRAY!" GlitterRock called out

    All the Cappers rushed towards Gray, and for the next couple of hours, Gray was hugged and had his hand shook by everyone.

The Capper House, Two Days Later

    Weird_1 and Meqal sat in the living room, watching tv. Elsewhere in the house, Cappers were bustling about, getting the house ready for what it was built for. On the television, the President sat in the Oval Office giving a speech.

    "And so," the President said, "I am extremely pleased to announce that The Cappers, who were once the saviors of the free world, once again, are doing what they have always done."

    "Be complete smartasses." Meqal said.

    "And save the world every now and then." Weird_1 added

    Elsewhere in the house, The Gray Zombie walked with CyberBeast. CyberBeast read off the list of items that had been completed.

    "All that in such a short time?" Gray asked, "I'm impressed."

    "Hey, we all missed being together. So, you moving back in?"

    Gray shook his head, "Nah, Charisma just had the house redecorated last month. Why should we go through all that work, just to leave it. No, but I will be coming in every day. Doing my usual. Making the assignments, riffing everyone during the meetings, having beer drinking contests with Meqal and JoeCrow...that reminds me, make sure Joe knows everything that's going on. Two years in his workshop......."

    "He really didn't mind. Got a lot of work done."

    The conversation was cut short as the lights in the house went red. Everyone dropped what they were doing and hurried to the conference room

The Capper Conference Room

    The image of Presley appeared on the monitor. Gray stood in front of the large screen and smiled.

    "So, let me guess." Gray said, "Free world in danger. Only Cappers can save the day."

    Presley nodded, "It appears that Doctor Nefarian is up to his old tricks. Are you Cappers ready for action?"

    Gray turned to address the Cappers, only to find that they had already left the room. He rushed towards the hangar. He then watched as the Capper Transport lifted off and flew out of the hangar.

    "Right." Gray called out, "I'll.....just wait here then."

    He then turned and walked out of the hangar. As he did, a huge smile came across his face.

    "God, I love being a Capper."

The End


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