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Capper's Reunited

Chapter Two

The Zombie Household

    "Ok," Gray told his foster son, "you took the machete to school, which means I have to ground you."

    Jason hung his head down.

    "Don't start that. You know the rules. 'No Decapitated Heads Allowed In The House', 'No Weapons To Be Taken To School', 'No Brooding'....."

    Jason looked up at Gray.

    Gray shrugged, "I dunno, ask your foster mother, anyway, for one month, you have to clean Edgar's swamp habitat."

    "You're having him clean 'gator dookie?" Charisma asked

    "Well, the janitor was a pedophile." Gray replied with a shrug.

    "Baby," Charisma countered, "he needs to be punished more severely than that. He took a machete to school. The other kids might start taking weapons to school, then the next thing you know, BAM, Anywhere becomes the Homicidal Maniac Capital of the World."

    Gray nodded then turned to Jason, "No Adult Swim for a month."

    Jason hung his head down and slowly walked out of the room. Gray then turned towards his wife.

    "Is it ok if I record 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' for him?" he asked, "It's only fifteen minutes."

    Charisma rolled her eyes and threw up her hands, "Why me?"

    A slight tremor rumbled through the home, causing a few books to fall off the bookcase. Charisma looked over at Gray.

    "Earthquake?" she asked

    Gray shook his head, "Probably a giant robot fight downtown. I think PrezGAR's at it, again."

Downtown Anywhere

    The MeGARZord fought against the gigantic menace. Fortunately, the police managed to get the civilians out of the way. Now, all the police could do was just watch the fight, and hope that the two giant robots do not cause too much damage.

    Inside the MeGARZord, PrezGAR worked the controls, managing to block his opponents punches. The communicator on the console beeped, and he pushed the button, activating it.

    "What's up, Honey?" He asked

    The image of Amy Jo Johnson smiled, "Sweetheart, are you going to be much longer? You're dinner's getting cold."

    "Be home shortly," Prez replied, "just need to finish a little business."

    "You work too hard, you know that." Amy Jo replied before the image went blank.

    Prez smiled and hit a few more buttons. The chest plate of the MeGARZord opened up, revealing several missiles. Prez typed onto a keyboard.

    "Love to stay and play some more," Prez said, "but my sweetie's got dinner ready and I'm hungry."

    The missiles launched from the giant robot, hitting it's opponent. The other robot's chest exploded. Unable to function any further, the evil mechanical giant fell back, crashing into a building. The battle was over.

    As the MeGARZord walked off, the police stood and watched. A rookie ran up to the captain, pointing at the MeGARZord.

    "Sir," he asked, "shouldn't we go after it?"

    The police captain pointed at the MeGARZord, "Sure, go tackle it.", then walked off to order the clean up crew to get busy.

Air Force One, Somewhere Over Nebraska   

    "Excellent speach, Mr. President." the aid commented. "I think this will help in the long run. After all, we are in an election year."

    President Hudson smiled, "Yes, I'm sure we'll bring in the votes. Now on to more pressing matters, this crisis with world leaders disappearing. I've grown very concerned."

    The aid smiled, "Mr. President. You have been under constant watch every second of every day. The only way that someone could kidnap you right now, would be if they magically appeared on this plane."

    The President gave a nervous chuckle, "Yes, I suppose you're right. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go visit the 'Little President's Room'."

    "Of course, sir."

    The President made his way to the bathroom. After he closed the door and locked it, he turned around to find that he wasn't alone.

    "I'm sorry." The President said, "I didn't realize it was occupied......wait a minute."

    The second person in the lavatory held up a device. The next thing that the President saw was a blinding flash of light.

The AGENCY's Jet. A few thousand miles over Nowhere

    The Mighty Lanzman sat down next to Agent Moldy, "We're flying over Nowhere, right now." he told her, "We'll be arriving at Anywhere in about thirty minutes. If Anywhere's airfield is having any problems, tho, we'll have to fly north to Somewhere and take a bus."

    Moldy wrinkled her nose, "You ever wonder who the genius was that named some of these cities?"

    "At first I did," Lanz replied, "but after a few years of working with The Gray Zombie, I learned to just go with the flow. And speaking of The Gray, you think he'll agree to this? I mean, he's one of the least political people around, and he's usually one to hold a grudge for the longest time. You know he's still bitter at the government for the whole investigation, and accusations."

    Moldy nodded, "I'll admit that sometimes Gray can be a bit immature...but then again, who in the Capper organization isn't? But, this is Sinestra we're talking about."

    Lanz held up a finger, "It's possibly Sinestra. We really don't have the proof we need to back that up."

    "Regardless of that, the world needs The Cappers. I mean, I enjoy working for The AGENCY and all, but it lacks the comfort of working with Cappers. I really hate to admit this, Lanz, but for the past two years, I was sort of hoping that something like this would happen. Presley's the only man in the world who's powerful enough to reinstate the Cappers. Even he knows that a world without Cappers is a world without hope."

    Moldy's cell phone started to chime the theme to the X-Files, and she answered it. After a few seconds, she hit the end button and looked at Lanz.

    "President Charles Gilbert Hudson disappeared off Air Force One."

The GlitterDome

    "HEY," Meqal yelled to Sideman behind the bar, "MORE BEER. WE'RE HAVING A PARTY HERE."

    GlitterRock walked up to Meqal and put his arm around him, "The music isn't that loud, you don't have to yell."

    "AM I YELLING." the Redneck Capper asked, then lowered his voice, "Oh, sorry. Was just getting into the party mood."

    "And I'm all for that. But, no yelling at the henchdude's, ok?"

    Glitter walked over to MadMatt, "Not bad for a Monday night, huh?"

    MadMatt nodded, "No kidding. Hell, even the Zombie's are here."

    Glitter smiled, "Now, it's a party."

    Before Glitter could walk over to the table where Gray and Charisma were sitting, Coakley walked in front of Glitter and promptly fainted. Glitter bent down and gently slapped Coakley on the face.

    "Coakley, are you ok?"

    Groggily, Coakley answered, "Yea, sorry. 'She' walked by."

    "'She', who's 'She'?" Glitter asked, helping Coakley up.

    "Estella Warren." Coakley replied, "I.....I think she smiled at me."

    Glitter smiled, "Well, go talk to her, then."

    "You're right, I should go talk to her." Coakley started to walk in the direction that he had watched Estella walk off to, then hurried back to Glitter, "What if she doesn't want to talk to me? You know how I handle rejection."

    Glitter nodded, "Yea, I know, but it could be worse. I mean, you know how DanZero acted whenever someone beat his high scores on video games. I tell you what, why don't you ask Charisma Carpenter-Zombie if she'll talk to Estella. Then we could go from there."

    Coakley smiled, "Good idea. At least I don't pass out in front of Charisma."

    Over at the Zombie table, Charisma watched the people dancing and enjoying themselves. Gray, on the other hand, simply stared at his drink.

    "Honey," Charisma asked, "if I ask them to play a slow song, will you dance with me? Then you can let your fingers do the walking and....Gray, are you listening to me?"

    Gray looked up from his drink, "It sounds too familiar."

    Charisma cocked her head and listened, "It's Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive', it gets played in about a dozen movies a year."

    Gray shook his head, "No. Not the song. The disappearances."

    Charisma sighed, "I see. You think it's something from the Capper's past."

    Gray shrugged, "Maybe. I don't know. It's just a feeling, no wait..." Gray looked up, as if something just dawned on him, then, "It's the drinks, they're coming through me like shot through a gun. I'll be back."

    Charisma giggled, "Ok."

Men's Room of the GlitterDome

    Gray walked out of the stall and over to the sink. As he washed his hands, he looked up in the mirror and saw a beautiful raven haired woman, wearing a tight red jumpsuit, standing behind him. He slowly turned around.

    "Sinestra." He whispered

    "Hello, Gray." Sinestra said, with an evil smile, "How's the married life?"

    "What are you doing here?" Gray asked, "Is there something wrong with the ladies room? Figures, once Dark Dyna Girl goes out of town....."

    Sinestra held up a small device and pushed a button. The last thing that The Gray Zombie saw was a blinding flash of light.

The Zombie Table

    "Of course, Coakley," Charisma said with a smile, "I'll talk to her for you. I think she wants to meet you."

    "Really?" Coakley asked, "You sure?"

    Charisma nodded, "She told Eliza, who told Anthony Ainley, who told Hugh, who told Donald Sutherland, who told Drew Barrymore....and how she got into the picture, I'll never know...anyway, I think Estella wants to...Jason?"

    Glitter and Coakley turned to see Jason Vorhees walking towards them. He was wearing a pair of Masters Of The Universe pajamas and carrying a teddy bear.

    "Jason," Charisma continued, "what are you doing here? You're supposed to be in bed." She looked into Jason's eyes, suddenly, she knew why he was there, a look of terror came across her face. "Gray."

The Men's Room

    GlitterRock, Coakley, Jason, Sideman, Meqal and Charisma all rushed into the bathroom. They all looked around, trying to find the Gray Zombie.

    "Maybe he left." Sideman suggested

    GlitterRock looked at the mirror. "Yea, he left. But, it wasn't by choice."

    They all looked at the mirror. In red lipstick, a message had been written.

I'm back, and I've got Gray

Love, Sinestra


To Be Continued

(The Cappers start to come together to find Gray. Sinestra and Gray have a talk. Jason changes clothes)


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