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Capper's Reunited

Chapter Three

Location Unknown

    The Gray Zombie was sitting in a chair, a blue energy bubble surrounded him. He looked around the room that he was in. In their own special energy bubbles were the world leaders, and Italy's chief dog catcher. He turned to President Hudson in the bubble next to him.

    "So," Gray asked "still think the world would be ok without the Cappers?"

    President Hudson huffed, "How can you ask something like that at a time like this? Don't you understand what's going on? Do you know what this all means?"

    Gray nodded, "Yes, I do. Sinestra's up to her old tricks again, trying to dominate the world. Not sure what she has plans for you guys, but me, I think has something more to do with my head on a lance."

    "More like your head mounted on my wall." Sinestra remarked, as she walked into the room, behind her a large green scaled creature followed. "As you can see, Gray, I did survive the fall from the helicopter."

    "No," Gray said, sarcastically, "I wouldn't have guessed. By the way, what took you so long to return? Brain get waterlogged."

    Sinestra smiled and turned to the creature, "Izod, turn off Gray's bubble."

    Sinestra walked towards Gray as Izod the Alligator Man walked to a panel on the wall and pushed a few buttons. The energy bubble disappeared and Sinestra stepped closer to Gray.

    "You know, Gray," Sinestra said "it doesn't have to be like this. We are very much alike....."

    "You hate Lexx, too?" Gray asked

    "NO!" Sinestra snapped, then calmly continued, "I meant that you and I could rule this world together. Besides, you were branded killers after Sub Pop Rock City was destroyed."

    "Why do they always go back to Sub Pop Rock City? Why not mention how we stopped Rust Slander from destroying the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Why not mention how the Moonites tried to take over the Earth, and we thwarted that plan? No. They always have to bring up how we couldn't stop all three missiles and one hit a city. Why?"

    "You failed." Sinestra replied, "It proved you were not the great heroes that the world thought."

    "It proved," Gray said, sternly, "that we were just as human as the rest of the world, and were susceptible to mistakes, just like the rest of the world."

    Sinestra smiled, "You owe the world nothing. You and I would make a perfect team." Sinestra stepped closer to Gray, to where her lips were just an inch from his, "What do you say?" Sinestra then intimately kissed Gray. The others in the room all gasped. Sinestra then pulled away from Gray and smiled.

    Gray smirked, "I think that I'd prefer the bubble."

    Sinestra's smile quickly faded, and she slapped Gray Zombie. As she stormed off, she looked at Izod.

    "Izod." she snapped

    Izod pushed the buttons, and Gray was surrounded by the energy bubble again. Sinestra and Izod both left the room.

    "PMSing much?" Gray asked as the door closed.

    "You are only human." President Hudson said, not even looking at Gray, "The world needs the Cappers."

    Gray sat back down on his chair and started tapping out a strange rhythm on the sides of the chair, "Hell, what makes you think we left?"

Capper House, Anywhere USA

    The once full of life, then empty, now full of life again house was abuzz. In the control room, CyberBeast, Weird-1, Animebabe, and Nyssa23 were at consoles, trying to locate a possible location for Sinestra's hideout. Elsewhere in the house, Cappers were returning to the house after hearing that Gray had been kidnapped and an old enemy had made her move.

    "Boss," DarkDynaGirl said, running up to GlitterRock, "I'm here. What do you need me to do?"

    GlitterRock smiled, "See if CyberBeast could use some help." As the henchwoman walked off, GlitterRock turned towards Scouty, "How many haven't shown up?"

    "Several," Scouty replied, "we've heard from most of them, though. Jo Jo The Boy Faced Dog said that he'd be here if we need him. Nobody's seen Keogh, although he may already be here."

    A loud belch sounded behind the two Cappers, GlitterRock and Scouty turned to find JoeCrow standing behind them.

    "Joe," Glitter said, smiling, "we were trying to get in touch with you. Where have you been?"

    Joe looked at Glitter, "In my workshop in Subbasement 3. Where else would I be?"

    Glitter looked at Scouty, then at Joe, "How long have you been down there?"

    Joe shrugged, "Right after the last big meeting. Gray sent a team to go after DeadlyRinger and I told him I'd be..."

    "Joe!" Glitter exclaimed, "That was two years ago. You were in your workshop for two years? What were you doing?"

    "Enjoying the peace and quiet. So what's been going on?"

    Glitter shook his head, "Scouty, fill him in. Might want to tell him about the Cappers disbanding and all."

    Glitter walked through the house, then walked into the living room. Inside, Charisma Carpenter-Zombie and Jason, now wearing his usual outfit, were sitting. Jason was watching Teletubbies.

    "Prissy," Glitter said, sitting next to Charisma, "we're going to do all we can to find Gray."

    Charisma looked at Glitter, "You have no idea on how to find him, do you?"

    Glitter shook his head, "No. But we're not going to stop trying. Both Moldy and Lanz said that we've got the full support of The AGENCY. We'll find him, don't worry."

    Charisma smiled, "You know, it was because of Sinestra that we met? Was kidnapped. Wound up in a helicopter flying over the Atlantic. Then he came flying in, on a jetpack. Like some gray wearing avenger of the night. Pushed Sinestra into the ocean, and carried me off. It was then, as the helicopter exploded that I asked him out on a date. Storybook romance."

    Glitter smiled, "We'll find him. We Cappers always stick together."

Capper House Control Room

    Animebabe looked at her monitor, then over at CyberBeast, "A shame that we didn't keep our communications devices. We could easily find Gray."

    CyberBeast shook his head, "Sinestra would be too smart for that. But, we've got every type of device used to track people down. We'll find Gray."

    GlitterRock walked into the room and tapped CyberBeast on the shoulder, "Hey, did you know that JoeCrow has been in his workshop for the past two years?"

    "Really?" CyberBeast replied, "I didn't know that."

    Nyssa turned to CyberBeast, "You and Helen were living in this house for two years, and you never bothered to look in the sub basements?"

    CyberBeast shrugged, "You know how big this house is?"

    Weird_1 nodded, "It is a big house. Heck, I know a guy who walked into the Pentagon and was lost for a week."

    GlitterRock looked at Nyssa, "Have you tried......" he then looked at Weird_1, "How can a person get lost in the Pentagon for a week?"

    Weird_1 thought for a bit, "Well, I went in on a Tuesday, then I came out on a....."

    "Never mind. I don't think I want to know."

    "Email from DanZero." Nyssa interrupted.

    Glitter walked over to her and read the email from over her shoulder. "Ok. Delete it. Guess we won't be seeing him around."

    Animebabe smirked, "And here I thought miracles don't happen. I'm sure Medusa would be ecstatic to hear that."

    Glitter nodded, "Ok, we need to find Gray. Try every way of finding him. Radar, sonar, blood hounds. Check every farm house, outhouse, hen house, dog house, cat house, tree house, club house, Waffle House....ummm....let's find Gray, I'm not cut out for this leader shtuff."

    "Woa," CyberBeast said looking at his monitor, "where did that come from?"

    Glitter looked over the Beast's shoulder and looked at his monitor, "What was it that you said about miracles, A-Babe?"

The Capper Conference Room

    All present Cappers looked at the large screen that was behind GlitterRock and CyberBeast. The image on the screen was a long range scan from one of the spy satellites belonging to the former Soviet Union that was still circling space. The image was an island.

    "The island," CyberBeast informed them, "is no ordinary island. It's floating."

    LongLiveRock raised her hand, "How?"

    Lurker elbowed Rock, "Because it's not a real island."

    "Ok," LongLiveRock said, "I'll buy that. Then how come nobody's found it before?"

    CyberBeast smiled, "Evidently, they have a very sophisticated cloaking device."

    "Ok," LongLiveRock continued, "I'll buy that. Then how is it that now....."

    "We don't know," GlitterRock answered, "Sorry, Rock, don't mean to rudely interrupt you. But, it is possible that it's Sinestra's island. It's possible that Gray and the world leaders......"

    "And Italy's chief dog catcher." added Animebabe

    "Yea, Fettucini Rolypoly, or whatever. Anyway, chances are, that's where they are. And that's where we're heading. So, get your gear, hop on board the transport....."

    "Oh, yea." CyberBeast interrupted, "I'd forgotten about that."

    All eyes turned to CyberBeast.

    "Forgotten about what?" asked GlitterRock

The Capper Hanger

    GlitterRock, JoeCrow, Meqal, PrezGAR, and CyberBeast looked at the Capper Transport. The huge air ship was missing one engine, one tire was flat, and some of it's panels were missing.

    "It's been two years." CyberBeast explained, "The only people that were here has been me and Helen....and Joe who stayed in his workshop. Most of our vehicles haven't been maintained in so long. Hell, I'm sure Screengrab_1's going to need a major overhaul before she's ready to head back into space...."

    GlitterRock shrugged, "It's ok. We'll just need to get to work on it."

    PrezGAR smiled, "I think that some of my spare parts for the MeGARzord could be used on the transport."

    "And BuckFifty did develop those battlesuits," added Meqal "Sort of works as an exoskeleton, making us a bit stronger and faster. With the MeGARzord helping, Joe will probably have this thing ready to fly in no time, and then we can rescue Gray and have him buy us beer."

    "You just said the magic word," JoeCrow said, smiling, "let's get busy."

The Capper Hanger, Later

    GlitterRock walked over to HelenServo, who was watching her friends and husband walk into the transport, "Helen, even though you're on maternity leave from world saving, I do have an important assignment for you."

    "What's that?" Helen asked

    GlitterRock pointed over at Charisma Carpenter-Zombie, who was standing in the doorway, "Keep an eye on her. With no idea on if her husband is well or not, she's probably going to be a nervous wreck."

    Helen smiled, "I would be more than happy to. Just make sure you bring my husband home in one piece."

    Glitter winked at her, then walked into the transport. Shortly after, Helen and Charisma watched as the huge air ship lifted up and headed out of the hangar.

    "Where's Jason?" Helen asked

    "Taking a nap," Charisma replied, trying to smile

    Helen placed her hand on Charisma's shoulder, "Hey, you forget, Gray's a Capper. We are all very hard to get rid of."

The Streets of Anywhere, USA

    All across the city, everyone stopped what they were doing. All had heard a familiar sound. A sound that they haven't heard in two years. The citizens of Anywhere (who had proudly referred to themselves as "Anywherians") ran out into the streets and looked up. There in the sky, they saw the Capper Transport. Almost at once, the Anywherians rejoiced

To Be Concluded

(Coming up, the exciting conclusion. To say anymore would just ruin the fun)


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